Rock N Roll- Mile In The Sand

When we left off I was about to get a good night’s sleep in Portsmouth..or so I thought. The room was comfy but I tossed and turned most of the night. I think I must have been nervous about getting up, checked out, on the road and back to the beach in time. It turns out we had nothing to worry about. We made it to the “Mile In The Sand” event with time to spare.

r1The Mile in The Sand race is just what it sounds like- 1 mile in the sand. I thought a mile sounded easy peasy seeing how I average 4 miles per run these days. So, we geared up and waited in the crowd.

r2 r3 r4When our wave started I knew IMMEDIATELY I had made a mistake. Sand was filling my shoes, my legs felt like lead, and my calves were on fire. I made a pit stop to take my shoes off (which helped) and it was back to business. I knew I could handle a tough mile but this running in the sand business was more than I bargained for. I was seriously glad to cross that finish line.

Beachy medal? Check!

r8 r9We decided to spend some time at the finishers’ party and playing on the beach.  The sun was not blazing yet and I just enjoyed the peaceful morning.

r7In between the 1 + miles to the start, the race, and the walk back to the car I also got in a pretty good calorie burn!


After the race we made it our mission to find food. I had heard good things about a local spot, Citrus so we headed out to check them out.

r12We waited over an hour for a table so I had some pretty high expectations. Luckily these incredible pumpkin pancakes did not disappoint. Delicious!

r10 r11Next, we checked in our Va Beach hotel and spent some time enjoying the beach and boardwalk. It was CROWDED which was to be expected.

r13 r14 r15 r16We ended up coming in early so we could head out to an early dinner. The hubs had 13.1 miles ahead of him after all!

r17We decided to stop by and old favorite, Flip Flops for some Black Bean Hummus and Mango BBQ chicken tacos. Sadly this place was not as good as I remembered BUT it got the job done.

r18 r19Then it was time to rest. The Rock N Roll ½ was just hours away!

VA Beach Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon – Expo Day

Well I officially survived my first “race challenge”. While maybe one day I will work up to completing a Dumbo Double Dare or Glass Slipper Challenge with Run Disney for now I decided to start small with the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon Remix Challenge. But before I get to all of that, let’s talk race expos- shall we?

The hubs and I both took the day off Friday to get our beach weekend started. We were so eager for the weekend we left EARLY to get our road trip started.

rLuckily, the coffee was flowing as we made the 4ish hour drive to Virginia Beach.

r3 r2We actually arrived a couple hours before the expo even opened (#FAIL) so we decided to swing over to 757 Crave for some sunshine and lunch. The view was great but I wasn’t sold on the food. Please remind me why places insist on serving ice burg lettuce these days?

r5 r4After lunch we headed down to the Virginia Beach conference center. Since this was technically the hub’s race weekend I was tackling the expo his way. The man has earned it after 2 Princess expos. Just saying. ;) Luckily packet pick up for the 1/2 Marathon and 5k was a breeze. Noto so luckily, packet pickup for the Mile In the Sand race was a nightmare. We waited over 40 minutes and had the pleasure of hearing everyone around us complain. FYI- complaining doesn’t make the line move faster so buck up folks!

r6Once packet pickup was complete we went to grab our race swag (shirts/bags/etc for the 5k and 1/2 and beach towels for the Mile In the Sand race). This was also a breeze and we were entering the expo in no time!

r7I had a great time scoping out the Brooks gear and we even made a quick stop at the Brooks free photo booth. :)

r8I pretty much followed the hubs around the expo (though I might have made a quick stop at the Sweaty Bands booth). The hubs is an all business kind of guy so he quickly made his stops and was ready to split!

r10 r9Here are my two expo purchases. Both made me smile HUGE!

r13Since Friday night was a last minute addition to our trip VA Beach was booked solid. Sooooo, we headed up to Portsmouth for the night.

r11Not a bad view, eh?

r12I cannot say enough nice things about the folks at the Renaissance Hotel. We had a lovely room, a lovely view, and a lovely stay. We were so relaxed we decided to ditch our car for the night and walk to dinner.

r14 r17 r18We ended up finding a little hole in the wall pub and settling in for some pub grub. Just what we needed after a LONG day.

r15 r16After a walk back to the hotel (and jamming out a little to the concert on the water) it was time to call it a night. We had a run to do the next day!

Goodnight Portsmouth!

r19Up Next: The Mile In the Sand Challenge.


The Weekly Weigh In Post- Week 16

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 16

Date: 8-27-14

Weigh In Location: Weight Watchers Center

Weight Loss/Gain  -0.2

Total Loss 43.0

How I am feeling physically: Today I am feel sore and a bit beat up but I like that I am able to push myself harder. Yesterday was a tough run and there is NO WAY I could have done that 4 months ago. The combined weight of our two dogs is 40 pounds. When I picked them up yesterday it took my breath away, literally. How was I carrying that around every single day? I am still nowhere remotely close to where I want to be physically but one day at a time, right?

How I am feeling emotionally: First, I want to warn against taking a break from weigh ins. What started as 2 weeks off to recover from surgery turned into 4. I was kind of a wreck going in this morning and I was really excited to see I had not gained. I also had not lost. I will give myself credit for maintaining but I have essentially just wasted 4 weeks. Lesson learned and moving on!!  I have been feeling really thankful and grateful for the things in my life, both big and small. It turns out this process is much easier to handle when it is a part of your life and not your whole life. I will say when I think of where I was 4 months ago physically it scares me. I know I have a long journey ahead but I am prepared. I am also happy and that is okay too.

Photo from the week: