Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In- Phase 2 Week 2

Weigh In Results Time:

Phase: 2

Week: 12

Date: 12-10-14

Weigh In Location: Home (Returning to WW center next week-I pinky swear)

Weight Loss/Gain  0

Phase 2 Total Loss 5.6

Grand Total Loss 35.6

How I am feeling physically: I am feeling fine physically with nothing really to note. Once again this week has been about detox, eating clean, getting hydrated, and staying firm in my goals. I put off workouts for other more pressing matters this week and that is not ok. I am headed out as soon as this posts to get in a run. No excuses!

How I am feeling emotionally: If I said seeing a big fat 0 did not bother me I would be lying. However, my clothes are looser than last week, I am feeling better, I am sleeping better and I am trusting the process. That is SO HARD for me on the weeks that the scale doesn’t cooperate. However, onward and upward. If we dont see a loss next week then I will reevaluate the plan and adjust as needed.

Photo from the week:

IMG_2558 (400x400)

Getting It Wrong and Getting It Right

Happy Monday!!!!!! I cannot believe we have an entire week of December behind us. This was a busy weekend in the Running In Pink Project house. However, if you follow me on Facebook you know I made plans to keep my eating plan in check. I definitely did not want to see the weekend derail all of my progress. I planned for one glass of wine and a homemade cookie. Otherwise it would be business as usual. The really great thing is that this had zero impact on my fun having. We had a beautiful Saturday afternoon (ok beautiful in spirit but rainy and cold in real life) with pals hitting up a couple wineries for a tasting….and maybe some buying too. ;)

IMG_2562 (400x400)IMG_2560 (400x400) IMG_2530 (300x400) IMG_2532 (300x400) IMG_2533 (300x400)Afterwards the four of us hit up Blue Mountain Brewery for some lunch with a side of gorgeous mountain views. ;)

IMG_2544 (400x300) IMG_2548 (400x300) IMG_2563 (400x400) IMG_2565 (400x400)We rounded out the day with some shopping in Charlottesville. I might have had a little makeup bender in Sephora but we won’t talk about that. ;) We kept Sunday a little closer to home. I spent the day cooking, food prepping, baking, and making homemade cranberry applesauce for the first time!!! (Recipe coming to the blog this week).

IMG_2576 (300x400)But getting back to the real “meat and potatoes” of today’s blog. Lately I have been wrong about a few things (and right about a few too). It’s been an interesting few weeks.

Things I Was Wrong About

Clean Eating: I really thought I had handle on this concept. I did not. After being a part of clean eating kick start group with a friend (who also happens to be a Beach Body Coach) I realized I have slipped into more of an “eating clean light” habit that involved me slipping in “healthy junk” like organic tortilla chips when I felt like it. Having my menu planned for 5 days was such a blessing and I learned so much that I want to keep incorporating into my day to day life. I won’t give away her menu plan but I will share my two favorites of the week- the spinach bacon salad and hummus veggie wrap with tomatoes and red bell peppers.

IMG_2485 (400x400) IMG_2483 (400x300) IMG_2501 (300x400)Jamberry: I was a Jamberry hater for the longest time. I refused to even entertain the idea. After months of avoiding it at all costs I got sucked into trying the product. I am now hooked. A mustache accent nail? Shut up and take my money.

IMG_2506 (300x400) IMG_2508 (400x400)Things I Was Right About

Christmas Movies: Christmas movies are pretty much the best and even after watching it probably 30 times in my life- Christmas Vacation still makes me laugh out loud. “Don’t throw me down Clark!!”

IMG_2524 (400x400)People Are Strange: I get a lot of emails from this blog. Most are asking where I got something (Ill be better about posting that), some are encouraging, but a few are weird. I have had people ask to buy things out of my house, give unwanted advice, and a few other odd things. Last week I got a very angry email ranting that I never show pictures without “professional makeup” and therefore I am “not being real”. First, I have posted about a million makeup-less workout selfies on here over the years but maybe they missed that. I should also share that my makeup is mostly from MAC so it’s not like I am dropping 30 bucks on Dior lip gloss or anything. However, if you are dying to see my naked face, here you go. A fresh out of bed, no make up, no hair fixing, selfie. Done!

IMG_2476 (300x400)I’ll even side by side for you with the photo they were super angry about…

IMG_2478 (400x400)I certainly never want to promote the idea that women have to wear a lot of makeup (or any at all for that matter) or dress a certain way. Just do what makes YOU feel good and I will do the same.I happen to love make up, sparkle, and the like and that is ok too… For what its worth- all I notice about these photos is how 2 weeks of weight loss is already showing in my face- Score!!!

And that is it for today. May your Monday be short and your coffee cup be full.


Gifted- 5 Great Gifts Under $20.00

Happy almost Friday ya’ll! I thought I would take a little break from the diet and workout updates to talk a little about gift giving. I really do LOVE giving gifts. However, that does not always mean that I have as much $$$$ on hand to spend as I would like. Luckily, what you spend is not nearly as important as the sentiment behind your gift. For example a truly special and thoughtful $10.00 gift trumps a random $50.00 gift card any day in my book. One of my most viewed blogs was a 5 under 25 segment from a couple Christmases back. Soooooo, since I aim to please here are 5 fun and cool gifts for the gals in your life that won’t break the bank. Happy Shopping!

For the Traveler/Commuter/Coffee Lover

Kate Spade Travel Mug $18.00 – Available at Kate Spade and Macys

ChristmasI have to have my morning cup of coffee (or two) and sometimes that means taking it “to go”. A durable yet stylish travel mug is a must. Plus for the fashion savvy coffee drinkers in your life- Kate Spade = Style. If you catch it on sale then toss in a gift card from Starbucks or local coffee house too! PS- I have this mug and its awesome!

For the Homebody

Tall Knitted Slipper Boot $14.97 available at Walmart

chGive the gift of warm and fuzzy. There are tons of knitted “bootie” slippers out there but I love the soft cream tones of this pair. Pair them with leggings at the cabin, jammies on Christmas morning, or whenever your toes need some snuggling. Since these clock in at $15.00 I would suggest pairing them with a favorite “blast from the past” movie from the sale bin OR a small bottle of soothing shea foot lotion.

For the All Natural Girl

Glass Dharma Straws (starting at) $6.00- Available at Glass Dharma

christmas3Not only are these straws quite eye catching but, as the name notes, they are glass. That means no waste, no using plastic, and no more giving up using a straw in those spinach smoothies. My absolute favorites are from the decorative dots collection above. I would actually really love this gift myself and think its a lovely thoughtful gesture for those looking to live a more natural lifestyle.

For the Golden Girl

Hear No Evil Gold Earbuds $20.00- Available at Nasty Gal

christmas4Either we know her or we are her (*cough cough*) the girl who loves all things gold and glittery. There are actually tons of gold ear buds out there (check out amazon for options as inexpensive as $6.00). These will match her gold  phone and sparkling personality perfectly! If you go with a less expensive pair include a favorite blast from the past album or I-tunes gift card to round it out.

For the Foodie

Graze Box Gift Box or Paid Subscription- Available at Graze Box

christmas5This is one of my favorite under $20.00 ideas. For around $19.00 you can prepay for 3 months (1 box per month) of goodies as a gift. Graze boxes consist of 4 healthy natural snacks based on your preferences. If the subscription route is not your thing you can always just schedule a gift box be sent. PS: If any of you want to try graze box for free here is an invite code for you: SARAV7Z9P . (I actually *just* sent for my first box today and I am really jazzed to try it.)**

What are your favorite inexpensive gift ideas?



* I was not compensated by any of the above in any way. All comments are my own.

**If 3 people take advantage of the “free graze box” offer I will receive a free graze box in return.