Weekly Workout Round Up

Here are my workouts for Sunday October 1 – Saturday October 7 2017


Long Run 1/2 pavement 1/2 off road



Morning: Strength Training (Lower Body)

Evening: 3 Miles w Hills (Pavement)



Cross Training – Hiking w Hills



Morning: Strength Training Upper Body

Evening: Recovery Miles- 2 Slow



Cross Training- Elliptical and Rowing Machine


Morning: Strength (Lower Body) and Elliptical

Evening: Roadtripping



Join me on Instagram (The_Sara_Renee) and follow our healthy road trip adventures in real time! I will not be using this weekend as an excuse to derail. Keep me honest and follow along!


September Weigh In


Month 3 in the books and I saw an 8 pound loss bringing me to 31 pounds. I was a little bummed not to see double digits this month but I am staying the course. Taking a long look at my tracking let me know that 1. I may have been under- eating (yes, that can happen) to sustain my workouts and promote loss. 2. I let my strength training slip. 3. I have gotten into a workout rut. I am still moving at least 6 days a week but it is time to work a little smarter.


On the side of positives: 1. I had perfect lab work for the first time since being in my 30s. Whaaaaa? 2. I am still committed 100% to getting healthy. 3. I have lost another size in clothes.


My healthy habits for October:

  1. Eat my allotted daily calories- No under eating or restricting.
  2. Re-commit to my strength training AND start tracking it properly
  3. Shake up my fitness routine (especially cross training days)

I will finish this year strong. No doubt about it!




Truth On Motivation

Things are still plugging along just fine here! I am excited to see where I land weight wise at the end of this month. Truth be told this month marks 90ish days on plan. That happy feeling of “I can do anything” has been replaced with “I can and will do this” rather than “can I really keep this up long term”. Honestly, it is the quote below that keeps me on track. I wanted to share it with all of you!


Stay disciplined this weekend yall!