Catching Up

Hey Yall!! Happy Thursday!! After my post on fitting it all in life got a little crazy BUT things have settled down….well as much as they are going to anyway. So here is a little update on where we are…


Do You Even Work Out Bro??

YES!!! Baby A and I are still going strong with our trail runs. Gym time has been a bit of a flop. (Im tired- for real) BUT July should bring some pretty major workout changes! I am finally physically and mentally ready to hit the next level.

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So Did You Quit Your Diet Again?

No way! I am not messing around this go around! I did get a little burnt out with weekly weigh ins and seeing the scale creeping at best. So, I went into maintenance mode for the last month. Hopefully that gave my body time to adjust to the loss and we can get on with it. I have a LONG LONG LONG way to go! Weekly Weigh Ins will resume July 1.


Baby Makes Three

We are still enjoying life as a party of three. The hubs and I make time for date nights every couple weeks (grandparents LOVE a few hours of baby time it turns out) 😉 and we also give each other “freebie” days to be with our pals or on our own. Mostly though, we are a little tribe of three and have enjoyed taking baby A to all of our favorite spots, even his first little road trip to WV! We are an on the go crew so it is important to us to not become slaves to a schedule. We DO know how lucky we are that the baby pretty much just rolls with it.

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Father’s Day 1.0

Watching the hubs become a dad has been a privilege for me. His dedication to A and our family warms my heart. He wanted to spend his first father’s day in the mountains so we did a family hike and I made his favorite meal – cashew chicken.  It was pretty low key which is just how he likes things.


About That Dress?

Alrighty, I have gotten a few emails about some dresses you have recently seen on the blog. They style is called Amelia and they are by a company called Lularoe. If you are interested I know a consultant who would be happy to help you find your perfect fit! Lularoe fits sizes oo-24 (truly) and they are beautiful. I will have a curvy girl Lularoe review coming soon!


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Living Life

It is still work and life as normal. As we try to find our new normal I am looking to find happiness in the simple things, and it is there.

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Stay Tuned for blogs on Road Tripping With Baby, A Restaurant Week Review, My Half Marathon Workout Plan, and Let’s Talk Goals Part II.

Please Stand By

We are back in business y’all!! Please accept my apologies for a MIA couple of weeks. We were busy doing some behind the scenes blog stuff- switching hosts and getting some theme issues in check. Not very exciting stuff but it had to be done.  Regular content resumes tomorrow. Now, off to run with the little!!!



The New Normal- Fitting It All In Post Baby

Well here we are. Nearly a month back into the world of a 9-5 er. I had moments before baby A where I thought I was having a hard time fitting it all in. Add another human to the mix and, well, It’s rough. For real. I made an Instagram post (follow me HERE) on how we always feel like we have to put our best selves out there for the world to see. I think it’s better for the world to see our real selves, in all our imperfect glory. So here is what our new normal looks like. Enjoy!

4:55am- The alarm goes off. I immediately pour a cup of coffee.


5:05 – Power Hour Begins (Well, power 50 minutes but that doesnt have the same ring, does it?). During power hour I take a days worth of bottles out of the sterilizer, prepare a days worth of bottles, wash the previous days bottles and place them in the sterilizer for tomorrow.

fit4 fit5

Once that is complete I take what is in the clothes dryer out and fold it, put what is in the washing machine into the dryer, and start a new load of laundry. I also pop in and make the bed once the hubs is up.

Next, I unload the dishes from the dish washer from the previous day.

Then, I hit my “zone cleaning” which basically means one large chore gets done per day to keep the house running like “wipe down the kitchen” or “dust the house and windex the glass” etc. The hubs and I each have a “zone chore” each day. The house isn’t spotless but it’s pretty darn good for everything we have going on. I will take it!


Finally, I prep the crock pot or do as much dinner prep as I can (chopping etc). Luckily this beauty has a timer so I dont have to “babysit” meals as they cook. The “warm” feature kicks in when cooking is finished so I also dont have to re-heat.


This all happens pretty quickly so I am rushing like a boss to get it done. Once the house duties are complete I hit up my personal/blog emails and try to get some blog stuff done. I also write up quick menus for the following week. I need to get a little better about this as sometimes I use this time to have a minute of quiet time.

At 5:55 I lace up my sneakers and head to the gym for 20 minutes of intense “warm up” cardio and 30 minutes of weight training. This is Monday-Thursday. During this time the hubs feeds the baby. I usually arrive home at the end of baby’s “first breakfast” to snuggle the little a minute before he goes back down at 7:00. I change him, put on his outfit for the day, and pray with him.


I quickly shower/get ready for work while the hubs takes his morning coffee and hits up his personal email or a video game, etc.

We tag team breakfast (trying to do a warm breakfast at least twice a week -Fridays are great for this since I rest from the gym that day) and sit down for a morning prayer, family time, and some healthy eats. Some mornings this is rushed depending on work but we at least get in the prayer and the hugs.


Here is where I KNOW we are lucky. The hubs leaves for work and baby A’s grandmother (The Hub’s Mom) comes in to watch the baby during the work day. Even though I work remote most days I do have TONS of meetings out in “the real world” so we need a little help. I typically work straight though 8:00am-4:00pm (I don’t have a commute) so I have plenty of evening time for the family. This has to be flexible because my job duties are fluid week to week. I am also lucky that I get a lot of baby snuggles on an average day. I can even snuggle him close while I work when he is napping.


Some days, depending on my schedule, I will take a “lunch break” extending my day to 5:00 or 5:30. On those days I take the baby on a lunchtime walk or slow run in the stroller.


Once work ends, the evenings look like this: On Mondays/Wednesdays the hubs goes for a LONG workout (he also does his “daily” workouts on his lunch break at work). The baby and I do a slower gentle workout together at the trail to work on my mileage. He is most often awake and always facing me in the stroller so I am constantly talking to him, letting him play with toys, etc. It is one of my favorite parts of the day (and his). He loves looking around and I could not care less about all of the weird looks I get chatting with him and pointing things out.


Then I go home and play with the baby/do stories etc until the hubs gets home to join us. It is all baby all evening until his bath/bottle/bed routine which ends with a snoozing baby around 7:00pm.  The hubs gives the bath while I finish up the cooking. I give the baby his last bottle of the day and snuggle him in his bassinet for the night. The hubs and I eat dinner at 7:10 or so once the baby has gone down. We try REALLY hard to keep it healthy and quick to assemble. (I do take one night a week to indulge my inner Rachael Ray and make something more complicated. But on most nights youll see something like what is pictured below).


The rest of the night is “free” time to watch TV, chat, play with the dogs, check emails, blog, etc etc.

Just before bed one of us sets the coffee maker for the next morning and wipes down the kitchen while the other does a quick general “straighten up” of the family room. Then it is off to bed!

On Tuesday/Thursday evenings I play with the baby and snuggle him up until the hubs gets home from work. On those nights I am “free” to do a long workout like off road running, yoga, or a class at the YMCA. Usually, I get home just before bath/bottle/bed to tuck in my little guy. Again, we eat dinner and the nights are spent as they pretty much were pre little.


The baby is always with one or both of us on weekday evenings. He has a routine and gets tons of playtime and snuggles. We know as he ages our routine will need to grow and evolve. We are prepared for that.

Friday evenings are a bit more flexible. We are both off work at a decent hour and both take a rest day from working out. We spend Friday hanging out with the baby or doing activities as a family with pals and their kids. Sometimes we run errands to free up our weekend. Sometimes we do nothing. Rarely, one person has baby time and the other goes out with friends. We just play it by ear.

mothers day8

Saturdays are a wild card. My parents who live out of town often want time with the little on the weekends so we have a great excuse to spend part of the day having a date day or date night. The rest of the day is family time (either the 3 of us or us and my parents).

Either Saturday OR Sunday (sometimes both) are dedicated solely to the family. We do something as a group like hiking, errands, brunch or dinner out etc. A couple weekends a month the hubs and I trade off days so we can do things with our friends too. We do see a bit less of friends right now but we try to make time for the occasional “girls day” or “guys day” or even time with a group.

Right now life is a balancing act. It is a delicate balance of insane rigid scheduling and unparalleled flexibility. There is a lot of planning and a lot of plan b happening when the original planning tanks. This is all brand new to us and I am sure we are getting a lot wrong. Some days it feels like if we slow down, even for a second, the entire operation will crumble.  I said just yesterday I feel like the world’s most adequate human. I am getting it all in but not really kicking ass at anything. Maybe the kicking ass will come in time. Right now I am just impressed that we can make it to 10:00pm without dropping.


With that said, life is more of an adventure now than it ever was before. I literally never know what something as simple as a trip to the Farmers Market will look like (spoiler alert, it was awesome) with the baby. But we are just figuring life out as we go.

So, here is to my New Normal! I couldn’t love you more.

Any time saving tips for fitting it all in?