Weigh In Wednesday- Week 3

Week: 3

Date: 6-24-15

Weigh In Location: Home

Weight Loss/Gain -4.0

Lost Since 6-1-15 -6.0

Grand Total Loss 46

How I am feeling physically: Alright – truth time. Physically I am feeling SORE but that good kind of sore that lets you know you have been working hard. I have committed to working out 6 days a week with a rest day on Friday. For now Wednesdays are my “recovery workout” but, in time, I hope to be able to hit it hard for 6 days straight. However, I am also trying to be realistic and safe. Yesterday’s recovery workout consisted of walking/jogging 2.25 miles on a flat surface, 60 squats without weights, and some light ab work. The weather has been brutally hot so I am taking extra precautions to hydrate. Today I am planning to workout indoors on my “lunch break” at the gym. I already feel more capable than I did just a week ago. I want to build on that.

How I am feeling emotionally: Well, a significant loss is always a spirit builder. However, I have found it really difficult to be honest with myself- I mean really honest. I am about to start working with a trainer and she asked me to keep a 7 day journal of literally everything that crossed my lips. I realized that I have some small habits that are probably wrecking me and I need to get those in check. I looked at a pretty decent weekday intake and then see that my weekend was full of “little cheats” like a handful of Bryan’s movie popcorn or a couple peanut M&Ms from the candy bowl. That crap adds up. I also have a dirty little diet soda habit that comes around on the weekend. I am working to make some changes which should help me make some big strides. I also had to get real with myself that a “cheat meal” or “planned indulgence” or “relaxed food intake” day or whatever you want to call it really is something that should only be happening sporadically and not on the weekly. So, I am changing my mindset on that a little. I still plan to relax somewhat on Saturdays in the realm of food intake BUT I am cutting that weekly “cheat meal” to every other week. Maybe soon I can cut it further but my goal is real changes I can live with since I don’t plan to ever go back to the person I used to be. Ive never actually said that before because I didn’t know if I really meant it or if it was possible but I do, and it is. Onward and upward.

Photo from the week:

IMG_6181 (400x400)

Weigh In Wednesday- Week 2

Week: 2

Date: 6-17-15

Weigh In Location: Home

Weight Loss/Gain -1

Lost Since 6-1-15 -2.0

Grand Total Loss 42

How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling anxious to start some new workouts. After having a pretty frank conversation with myself- the fact is I have been trying the same techniques for so long and they just aren’t working. I am planning to talk with a trainer and put together a new regimen of cardio, strength, and yoga to help burn fat, strengthen my core, and define my muscles. I guess I feel weak and I don’t want that. Here’s to another week!

How I am feeling emotionally:I wish I had some positive words of wisdom but really I am just pissed off at another small loss. I am irritated that it feels like my metabolism is out to get me. But we all know that is just an excuse. Really. I need to buckle down and that is where we are this week.

Photo from the week:


Weigh In Wednesday- Week 1

Week: 1

Date: 6-10-15

Weigh In Location: Home

Weight Loss/Gain 1

Lost Since 6-1-15 1

Grand Total Loss 41

How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling fine. I have been a little lazy this week with the workouts (unless cleaning and organizing counts) so I am really eager to get into a good workout schedule. I am ready to push my limits and see how strong I can be!

How I am feeling emotionally: It’s never exciting to see such a small loss when you have SO much to lose.  I was frustrated this morning but taking an honest look at things means admitting my workouts were not on point. So, here is to working hard and having a successful week ahead!!

Photo from the week:

imageNow it’s road trip time!! Check in with me tomorrow to see where my girl’s trip is taking me!!!