Roam, Rove, Rave

Happy Friday Eve Ya’ll!!! I seriously cannot believe just how busy this week has been! Thursday means letting my crock pot do most of the “heavy lifting” in the dinner department (honey garlic meatballs and vegetable risotto on deck) which frees me up for a little blog writing. I just finished up three miles with a pal and now I happily have my feet up while I wait on some good Thursday television to start. #NotAshamed. Carrie is staying close by keeping an eye on things too. ;)

IMG_3624 (400x400)ROAM

I have a pretty low key weekend planned but last weekend Kristen and I were on the road to NC.

IMG_3595 (300x400)If you’ve been around the blog for a little while you might know that one of our many random traditions is seeing the musical Wicked each year. This year January was the the only month it would be coming close enough for us to attend so we packed up and headed to Raleigh for a day or sushi, shopping, and (of course) Wicked!

IMG_3599 (400x300) IMG_3602 (300x400) IMG_3605 (400x400)It was also the perfect excuse to bust out our matching Defy Gravity necklaces. We are nerds of the best variety. ;)

IMG_3615 (400x400)I also have to take a minute and talk about the beautiful and amazing Birthday gift Kristen brought along for me- a gold cuff from All The Wire with the coordinates for my late grandparents house. I will always be able to carry home with me. Annnnnd cue the tears. There is nothing that touches my heart more than a meaningful reminder of home.

IMG_3601 (300x400) IMG_3631 (400x400)Since I am making a genuine effort to stay on plan I wanted to note that our brunch stop on Sunday was all business. I got a healthy and delicious yogurt/fruit/granola combo with just a drizzle of honey. Road trips are tricky on a diet but it can be done- trust me. And no, I didn’t eat that delicious sweet bowl the yogurt came in even though it smelled like heaven on a plate. Just saying.

IMG_3620 (400x400)ROVE

Like I said, this week has been extra busy. I have been running from meeting to meeting which makes it all too tempting to grab lunch on the road. I was determined not to let a crazy week throw me off track. Luckily, the awesome folks at Rove sent me some extremely useful reusable products for food and beverages on the go!

IMG_3633 (400x300)Rove products are BPA free and make it just a little easier to keep things healthy on the go.I used both the 14 ounce double wall hot & cold hydration mug (helloooooo inexpensive and delicious coffee in the car) and the 20 Ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler (lemon water I’m looking at you) BUT by far my favorite product of the bunch was the 7 piece laptop iced Bento Lunch Box.

IMG_3634 (400x300)This box is PERFECT for portion controlled lunches. I loved the ice pack option, attachable spoon/fork, and the fact that applesauce and other “wet” foods stay put with the lid. I was so excited to pack this full of goodies for a long day at the office this week.

IMG_3636 (300x400)Connect with ROVE on Facebook to stay on top of their great deals. These items are offered in a variety or colors. I am genuinely a fan!!


Not to be completely random but I have been on a bit of a drink ware binge lately. Check out these gems….

IMG_3096 (400x400) IMG_3165 (400x400) IMG_3565 (400x400) IMG_3580 (400x400) IMG_3632 (400x400)I am seriously running out of room for these mismatched masterpieces yet I keep buying them. At least its cheaper than shoes. ;)


And that’s all Ive got! Catch you all this weekend! xoxo


Weekly Weigh In- Phase 2 Week 1

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 1

Date: 1-28-15

Weigh In Location: Weight Watchers Center

Weight Loss/Gain  -5.8

Phase 2Total Loss 5.8

Grand Total Loss 35.8

How I am feeling physically: Today I am feeling pretty “weak” strength wise and I am more convinced than ever that I need some serious strength training in my life. Luckily my gym offers a little “how to” session on how to utilize the weight machines. I had this down back in the day when I was a frequent gym goer but I will admit this is going to be pretty much like starting from square one. I am ready though!

How I am feeling emotionally: Whew! Week one of a weight loss effort is always an emotional time. I think everyone tends to be pretty self critical during that first week. I know I do. I thought a lot about choices this week and even more about wasted time and opportunities. However, my life’s journey is far from over. I am embracing this change and preparing for the wonderful things to come. Trust and love the process – that is my new mantra.

Photo from the week:


Birthdays and Beaches

After yesterday’s post I felt like I needed to clarify that not everything in my life has been drama and tears. In fact, I think the reason I tend to “take my eye off the prize” in terms of fitness it because I am, in fact, very happy. I have a supportive family, amazing husband, and good friends. I love my job and do work that I feel makes a difference. I have hobbies and take trips. I do the things I want to do. With that said, I can admit that having an exterior not match up with how you feel inside is incredibly frustrating. I feel like I should still be in the teens/20s body that was fit and able to workout tirelessly, wear cute outfits, and not have to think the thought “will my weight matter if I…..” Because the truth is- as happy as I am I think about this a lot. Will my full hips crowd someone at a show? Will I feel uncomfortable on a plane? What can I pack for a week away so that I feel good during my trip? At the end of the day I am healthy and capable of change (that in and of itself is a blessing).  And knowing that I control this outcome is how I plan to keep my goal right there in sight. I do it for my health and I do it because I don’t want a “fat caveat” in my life anymore. That fear of “what if” really robs me of so much and I am NOT ok with that.

With all of that said, I did want to share some scenes from my most recent birthday. Since the actual day fell on a Tuesday my husband and parents made it as special as they could with gifts, flowers, and a Breakfast At Tiffanys Birthday cake. Swoon!

bday bday2 bday3 bday4This wasn’t a milestone Birthday but the hubs cooked my favorite dinner and we spent a low key evening at home. However, the following Friday we both took a vacation day and set off for the beach!

bday5I cannot even express how much a love the beach during the colder months. We got an ocean front suite, packed some good books, and settled in for a weekend of pure relaxation.

bday6The highlight of our trip was probably date night on the boardwalk. We bought tacky beach gifts for my parents, checked out all of the silly beach front stores, had a wonderful sushi dinner at ART, and I even managed to totally smoke the hubs during several rounds of skee ball at the boardwalk arcade!

bday9 bday7 bday8 bday10 bday11The beach was pretty abandoned so we enjoyed lots of shopping, exploring, and good eats with plenty of time for resting and (of course) watching the NFL play offs. ;)

bday12 bday13 bday14 bday15 bday16It was certainly a very happy Birthday! I was more than a little bummed to pack up and head home Monday but the hubs always says leaving one adventure is when I start to plan the next one…and he’s right. ;) Until next time!!

bday17 bday18Do you like a big celebration or a low key celebration?