The Million Dollar Post

If there were an award for being a terrible blogger I would win it this month! Seriously. No excuses other than work and life got a little crazy! But I’m back and ready to blog!! Take a little look below at what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks. If pictures are worth a thousand words this blog would be worth a million. Thanks for stopping in!!!

On the break I…….


Lightened up my hair for summer

IMG_4150 (400x400) IMG_4152 (400x400) IMG_4286 (400x400)Picked up some new running kicks (and it was love at first run!)

IMG_4167 (400x400)

Celebrated St. Paddys Day in true green stache style….

IMG_4244 (300x400) IMG_4240 (300x400) IMG_4232 (300x400) IMG_4230 (300x400)Spent some quality time with my amazing mom

IMG_4188 (300x400)Relaxed with a mani/pedi

IMG_4195 (400x400)Got in some great workouts….

IMG_4326 (400x400) IMG_4301 (400x400) IMG_4258 (400x400) IMG_4215 (400x400) IMG_4213 (400x400)Bathed an angry shihtzu….

IMG_4291 (400x400)Spent some time with my best girls….

IMG_4295 (400x400) IMG_4285 (400x400)Jumped back on the Stitch Fix train…

IMG_4155 (400x300)And finally made it to Cinderella!

IMG_4297 (320x400) IMG_4311 (400x400) What have YOU been up to this month??

Weekly Weigh In

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 5

Date: 3-11-15

Weigh In Location: Home- Returning to the WW center for weigh ins next week.

Weight Loss/Gain  -2.0

Phase 2Total Loss 16.2

Grand Total Loss 47.4

How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling fine. I am recovering from a cold this week and have been unable to keep up with workouts. I know taking care of myself and fully recovering is the most important thing BUT I cant help but feel a little weak sauce especially after after a lazy snow week last week. Hopefully I will be back to workouts tomorrow or Friday which I know will be killers given my unplanned hiatus. BUT onward and upward!

How I am feeling emotionally: I am happy for another solid loss. I am starting to focus a lot more on the health aspect of things and that has overwhelmed me a little. It seems like everything I read contradicts and it is kind of a scary place to be. I think the best I can do is sticking with whole organic foods, putting major limits on dining out, and do the best I can with the rest. In a perfect world I would have a huge garden, raise my own chickens, cows and pigs and know exactly where my food is coming from. It is impossible to make a perfect choice but I know using local farms and such has been a great place to start.

Photo from the week:


The Color Run 2015- Shine Tour

Ya’ll know I love shiny things. If it glitters I want it- if it sparkles I have to have it. I would probably wear a tiara and ruby slippers on the daily if I could. So when I started seeing information for The Color Run 2015 Shine Tour there was no question that I would be there- possibly in a tiara.

color4I am a big fan of The Color Run 5k series. In fact, the hubs and I have participated for the last two years here in Virginia. You can read about our The Color Run adventures HERE and HERE. This is one of the only races we have run that we both have an equally fun time. It has an awesome laid back vibe that the hubs enjoys while still being extremely well organized like a big race should be (which I enjoy)- the best of both worlds!

color3The Color Run aka The World’s Happiest 5k series takes place in 50+ countries and in cities all over the United States. You can check out The Color Run website HERE for a race coming near your town. For those of you here in Virginia there is a race coming up in Roanoke on April 18 2015. Pssst- be sure to sign up for the VIP list if your city isn’t on sale yet. You get a heads up when your city goes on sale AND usually a chance to register at a reduced rate too! I added myself to the VIP list just today for another race coming to a nearby town in 2015!

The hubs and I are excited to be running this race for the third straight year. I am extra excited that the race as added some “Shine” to its already colorful fun. Covered in color AND glitter? Um, yes please. A sparkle zone??? Could I love that more?

color6For your entry fee you score a race t-shirt, head band, temporary tattoo, and color packet. Annnnnnd, new this year, you also score a nice shiny medal. I would be a liar if I didn’t admit I do love a race medal. The Color Run medal- you will be mine!

color2As an experienced The Color Run runner here are some things you should know:

1. You will have a blast- this is not up for debate.
2. This race truly welcomes all levels. Need to walk- Go ahead! Running your first 5k- Awesome!
3. You will laugh…a lot. We laughed like fools through the entire race last year.
4. You will be COVERED in color- wear an old white shirt and have a blast. The pictures are well worth the crazy colorful shower you will have to take afterward.
5. You will be hooked on The Color Run and immediately want to run another- You’ve been warned.

2014-04-05 09.21.00 (400x303) 2014-04-05 10.10.14 (226x400) IMG_4502 (300x400) pZArPOhFbI4Ij9IB8mjTWQS_mJMRleEpC7hd7ugSIww (400x300)I really hope to see my fellow Running In Pink Project readers and weight loss pals at this fun event. If you are interested in running or walking in The Color Run 5k the fabulous folks at The Color Run are offering $5.00 off regular price entries to Running In Pink Project readers using the offer code MLC143657. This is good through March 15 2015 so register today!!!

colorSee you at the Finish Line!

c1 (400x400)*The Color Run has provided my entry for this race but all opinions expressed, as always, are my own.