As my 9th wedding anniversary passed a few weeks ago I started thinking about how my struggle to lose weight has been nearly TEN YEARS long, ten years. Almost a decade. For real. Almost a decade of stressing about packing for trips, worrying about how I look standing in front of a group presenting for work, concerned about crowding others, sad I don’t look or feel the way I want to (or used to) and just plain disappointed that the inside is not reflected on the outside. And enough is enough. One way or another, I need to be done. So, will done be acceptance and moving on or will done be reaching those goals like a boss and never looking back?

As I mentioned last week, I am back on track re-losing the weight I gained after my most recent go at getting in shape. I am doing a few things differently, and quietly at first, this go around. But one thing is for sure- I will not let 2017 (my 10th year) be a failure. So, I have written down a hard line goal and a dream goal for where I would like to be to start 2017. I took that along with a photo of my current weight and placed it in an envelope. The plan is to work my a** off and stay diligent in the hopes that my 1-1-17 weigh in will be the one that starts me down the road to FOREVER weight loss and my goals.  So the answer is- Go After it Like A Boss and Never Look Back.


Anyone else want to finish 2016 strong? Let me know if you are currently working on a weight loss or fitness goal!

Insta- Weekend ~ Road Tripping

And over the hump we go! Happy Wednesday! Here are a few Instagram photos (and outtakes) summing up our whirlwind trip to VA Beach and Busch Gardens over the weekend! Traveling with the little is getting easier and easier but even I can admit multiple destinations with multiple hotels and about a million things to pack in had us pushing our luck a little! Enjoy!


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What did YOU do this weekend? Any tips for travels with a baby?


Race Recap- Wicked 10K

Happy Tuesday!!! Anyone else out there experiencing some post Halloween blues? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Once it is over I kind of feel the pressure of Christmas leaning on me, you know? Anyway, I am glad to report I am candy hangover free. Luckily, the kiddos cleaned us OUT in just over an hour last night. I love seeing all of the cuties dressed up in their gear. I also have to say this year was extra special with our own little trash panda aka raccoon Aiden in the mix!


And speaking of Halloween- when I last left off I was VA Beach bound for the Anthem Wicked 10K. Luckily, the little travels like a champ so we made it the entire way with only one pit stop. Next stop would be the race expo! This was a local 10K so the expo wasn’t anything exciting BUT everyone was friendly and Aiden had a great time taking in all of the decorations.


We went out for a nice pre-race dinner and made it to bed EARLY. I am talking Aiden’s bedtime early. After a long week and a long drive we were beat. Of course, I made sure all of our gear and bibs were lined up for our early morning.

b2 b3 b8

The 6:00 alarm came way too soon. The hubs even asked, “That was your 5:00am work alarm, right?” Um no, we slept right through that one. Ahem. We made some terrible hotel room coffee and got moving. The little woke up with the sniffles and it was extremely cold out so I made the executive decision to let the hubs head to the corrals on his own. The baby and I would bundle up, let the weather warm up some, and jump in the race about a quarter mile in. This would void my time but I was really just there for the workout and fun anyway (and spoiler alert I got that mileage back and then some walking back to our hotel after the race!!).

b4 b5

The extra couple of hours we had in the room REALLY helped. I was able to get the baby warm and all settled in his stroller for the run.


Since I didn’t want to be a jerk I waited until I started seeing a lot of strollers before I jumped in. We found a very slow jogging pace and stuck with that for the first mile.


At that point we switched over to run/walk intervals which work MUCH better for me. The baby got TONS of attention from other racers and I was really touched to receive so much encouragement. I also got a lot of comments on my leggings! LOTS of Lularoe lovers were running apparently.


The run/walk itself was beautiful, especially after turning onto the boardwalk for the final couple of miles. Who doesn’t love an ocean view on a run?


I slowed down quite a bit near the end BUT we finished. I can also add we finished smiling and happy (and sore).
b13 b14

This race reminded me how much work there is to be done before the Princess Half Marathon. I confessed this to the hubs who asked if I wanted to defer. I told him, “No, I want to kick ass”. So that is what I am planning to do.

Thanks VA Beach for a wicked fun adventure! Stick around this week for scenes from the weekend, goal digging, and a re-cap of this week’s half marathon training!

#MyWhy : Because I want to finish a race WITH the hubs.