Friday’s Workout Round Up!

My Week In Workouts:


Sunday 4 miles- Off Road

The little hung out with the hubs and I took off for 4 slow but steady off road miles. This workout was “fine” – not great but not bad. I do need to revamp my running playlist BADLY. Any suggestions?



Monday~1 Mile Neighborhood Walk

I would normally try to spin this as “at least I got out there” but in the spirit of honesty. I was being lazy and making excuses. I had no reason not to give it 100% and yet I didn’t. Hmmmm.

half ass

Tuesday~3 Mile with Hills

Got in a rainy Tuesday workout with my favorite little running buddy. We tackled hills (and humidity) during a 3 mile moderately paced walk.


Wednesday~3 Mile with Intervals

Holy Humidity Batman! It was rough going during this run/walk due to pure miserable heat and humidity. It was nice running into other stroller mama’s though! #StrollerMamaMafia


Thursday~Family Time

Thursday is usually a workout night but after a rough week we made the executive decision to squeeze in some household chores and then 100% dedicate the evening to family time. No regrets!


Friday~ Rest Day

We made it to Friday yall!!! Woohoo!! After work we will be backing up the little and road tripping to Wild and Wonderful WV! Happy Weekend!!!!


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a blogger with a goal; a blogger who had completed a half marathon before (barely) but wanted to know what it felt like to REALLY finish one. You know? Finishing strong and smiling, barf stop free, and ready to hit the parks instead of the pavement. So, the little blogger who could went out and signed up for a Half Marathon- The 2017 Disney Princess Half Marathon to be exact.


Call me crazy (I prefer sanity challenged) but it just seemed meant to be. The race will let us be at Disney for baby A’s first birthday and I will be running the course during the same hours I was in labor just a year earlier.

The Princess 1/2 and I have a checkered past. I have registered 3 times in total. The first time I trained poorly and REALLY hurt myself around mile 8 which ended in a DNF. The second time I was ill at race time and couldn’t make the trip to FL at all so I basically flushed all of that money straight down the toilet, and the 3rd time I forced myself through the course but got extremely dehydrated, sick, and just totally disgusted. In fact, after some reflection it put me off running for a while. So, when I was deciding what half marathon I wanted to do there was really no choice involved. That race will not defeat me. Princess 1/2- I am coming for you!


I know the road will not be an easy one. I need to train properly and work hard. I also need to train much longer than the average runner because I know my deficits are huge after just having a baby. But I understand this and I am ready.


I have been getting my feet wet this week so to speak but my official training plan starts Monday. My first goal is to get a solid 5k base, move on to a 10k plan, and then finally complete a 1/2 marathon plan. The goal is lofty- but I am determined. I will NOT be the weak princess who is running nervous and unsure. I will be brave. I will be strong. And I will finish a queen.

Is anyone else signed up for the 2017 Princess 1/2 Marathon or Enchanted 10K?



Breaking The Pattern

So there was once a blogger who pinky swore she would keep it together with posting and then fell off the face of the earth…again. I debated on what to say here (or whether to just pick back up where I left off) and ultimately decided that honesty is the best policy. After all, I did promise to document this process good, bad, and ugly. Lately, it’s been ugly.


Sometimes when one thing in my life gets hectic (like work for example) I kind of let other aspects of my life go to make up for it. I really don’t know if this is something we all do but it is something I do. As luck would have it work got hectic just about the time that little A decided to rock out a couple weeks of sleep regression. Before I knew it I was making excuses left and right about why I didn’t have time to work out and cut to 3 weeks later- I am kicking myself.

I don’t want to catastrophisize and say I “always” do this but it is a pattern. It is a crappy pattern I am working to banish from my life. The truth is I am really working on the concept of living my life with the understanding that you can’t pour from an empty pitcher. Taking care of yourself is important and vital- not selfish. I struggle to put that into practice but I am getting there.


So where does that leave us? I am a firm believer these days in making a plan and following through. The plan should be simple, clear, and have definable goals. This keeps me from getting lost in the details. So here it is:


  1. Re-lose (ugh) the few pounds I put back on during my pity party
  2. Resume Blog Weigh Ins 8-1-16
  3. Commit to 2-3 blogs of new content per week
  4. Be gentle with myself
  5. Take a few minutes each day to decompress



Thanks for sticking with me. I have some exciting news coming up (for real- it is already set to load tomorrow. Teehee!)


Until Next Time- #HappyHealthyStrong