Sick Day Survival

Hey Yall! I finally admitted I was no longer fighting a cold but rather the cold had kicked my a**. Luckily, I have been snuggled up with some good medicine, good food, and good company all weekend. Regular content will be back up soon! In the meantime what are your tried and true sick day essentials/remedies?

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Slow Carb Re-set

Happy New Year Ya’ll!! New years weekend was pretty good to us! We decided to have a small party of other infant/toddler parents so we could all celebrate while the tiny humans slept the night away. Aiden’s room was basically a pack-n-play nursery for the babies, our room had plenty of room for the older kiddos to snuggle in, and the adults enjoyed a taco bar, snacks, board games, and a few laughs. Not too shabby!

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On Sunday the hubs, baby, and I were super lazy. I mean there is no other way around it. We did manage to peel ourselves away from relax mode to get dressed and hit up Buffalo Wild Wings for the Dallas game.

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Monday passed by in a montage of errands and napping and then, suddenly, here we are back to the grind! My main goals for 2017 are to practice grace while going after my goals with all I have. I want to take a few chances, make a few changes, and jump off a few metaphorical cliffs. It is time to be strong, brave, and trust in myself, God, and the process.


So, today I geared up to get back in the right mindset for moving forward. This cold is still keeping me down (I think tomorrow should be the last of it- FINALLY) so I did have to ditch a legit workout in favor of a walk. But, I got my body moving and took a step in establishing the habit of modifications are ok- quitting is not.

The most important aspects of today were:

Focusing on water intake– 1 gallon and counting

Focusing on food– slow carb clean eating is in full force. Remember there is no sugar (including fruit), starches, grains, or diary allowed in this initial phase. Once I have completed this I will move on to a less restrictive and more conventional low carb plan.

So, that is where we are.  Look for me to get more fitness focused in the next week or so. Once my body is fueled more effectively it can perform more effectively….I hope. 😉

Until Next Time!

Christmas Hangover

I actually didn’t touch any alcohol over the holiday minus a mimosa or two. That is why I felt totally perplexed to be leaving the holiday with that awful hangover feeling. Really, all I can figure out is that it must be some sort of carbohydrate hangover because I have been feeling ROUGH. Add in an annoying cold that I have been fighting since the Friday before Christmas and you have the makings for Netflix, fuzzy blankets, and “don’t talk to me”.

However, in the spirit of practicing what I preach I didn’t want to write a sad panda “2017 is going to be my year” kind of post. I get caught up in the magic of possibility and a fresh beginning just as much as the next girl but I know, when it comes to health and fitness, my fate is in my hands. So, even though I am still coughing and in just a tiny bit of misery I packed the little up and headed out on a SUPER slow walk.


This gave me a great opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy the unseasonably warm day.

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It also allowed me the chance to test the little in the “big boy” part of the running stroller. As you can tell from those toothy grins- he was a huge fan.

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And, even though it’s maiden voyage was of the ridiculous variety- I got to take my new Polar fitness watch (a Christmas gift from the hubs) out on it’s first spin.


It is true what they say- the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do! So get moving- even 20 minutes is better than 0 minutes. I pinky promise.

Until Next Time!