CASA Superhero 5K and Other Weekend Happenings {Running, Lifestyle}

How is everyone doing on this chilly Sunday afternoon? We are trying to soak up every last precious drop of the weekend at my house. While it has been a rainy and cold weekend- it has been a great one.

Friday night the hubs and I ventured out on a surprise date night to see the new Thor movie. It was nice to be little on free for an evening. We got to chat, snack on movie popcorn, and drink a bucket of diet soda. Plus the movie was rad. The only downside was getting to bed mega late knowing what a busy Saturday we had ahead.

Saturday morning we headed out to a local race put on by CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)- the CASA Superhero 5k. I loved donating my race fees to a good cause. I was also really excited that this was a stroller friendly 5k. Dressing up was encouraged so Aiden and I went the Stars Wars hero route- Yoda and Leia respectively.


Unfortunately, it was misty and cold so most of Aiden’s costume was covered by a warm cozy jacket. His hat was a hit though!


The race is very family friendly so there were lots of booths to visit for freebies. There were also some foodtrucks on hand, a hero photo booth, and some bouncy slides for the little.

IMG_6598 IMG_6621 IMG_6622

The rain really picked up while we were out on the course so we pretty much walked the entire way to avoid slipping on the slick leaves. One mom commented the hardest part of the race was the turn around since so many mamas had their front wheels locked on their strollers. I had to agree. This is a fun, flat, and pretty easy trail that we have walked/run 100 times. Despite the ran we had a great time.

IMG_6619 IMG_6620 IMG_6564

After the race we met back up with the hubs and met a couple of pals downtown for mimosas and brunch. It was so nice to get cozy and have a nice meal with friends.


After brunch I branched off with my friend Jamie to scope out the festival of handmade gifts downtown.  SO good. We scored some incredibly unique pieces and had a great time walking around.


I LOVE a Saturday well spent. What are YOU up to this weekend?

Stella and Dot {Business}

As promised some changes are coming to the blog. You will  notice each blog labeled with a category. That way, if hearing about my personal life is not you thing you can skip the “Lifestyle” days etc.

I get a lot of questions about my blog’s tagline. Specifically about the 1/2 marathon and the business. Today we are talking about the latter. As most of my readers know I do have a 9-5 job. I don’t talk about it here due to the confidential/personal nature of the work. BUT I do work for an excellent company I believe in 100%. However, I still have the itch to use my more creative side (versus analytical). That is where my blog and “side hustle” business come in.

I tried my hand at a couple of things before settling in where I am now. Supplements felt too personal- plus I felt responsible for folks health and that bothered me. Lipsense was fun but I HATED having to order my own inventory, be stuck with duds, and basically just use up time I don’t have to invoice and package. So I started thinking what is it I really wanted to be doing? And where can I do that with someone else doing the invoicing and packaging for me- basically leaving me free to help with the fun part.  I kind of put that vibe out into the universe and what I kept getting back was:

-Something Fun and Creative

-Something to help ladies look and feel gorgeous

-Something light hearted

-Something with a company I trust

So, I landed with Stella and Dot. If you don’t know, Stella and Dot is a really awesome company that sells accessories, bags, and even clothing (even even plus size). I have been an avid buyer of their goodies for years. I know the quality is excellent. There are no quotas, no minimums, and just no nonsense. I have a website that can be shopped 24/7 – no party needed. However, ladies who wish to party can earn all sorts of goodies. There is just a little something for everyone. Win- Win!


Once, I decided this was “it” I jumped right in. Basically my “job” is to help people find their sparkle. How awesome is that?

If you ever want to shop with us just stop by HERE. And if you would like to earn some freebies (and have a lot of fun) please comment here or email me! I would LOVE to set you up with an online trunk show. I also provide personal styling FREE of charge.

Do you have a “side hustle” or from home business? Leave your link in the comments!