Running Laps and Running Errands

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll! Can we have a discussion about this crazy Virginia weather? After a borderline hot couple of days we had nothing but chilling cold rain and wind today….all day.

lands10 (300x400)Luckily, I was tucked safely away at The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center for a work event.

lands11 (300x400)As with any work conference I was a little nervous about eating two meals “out” and on plan today. However, I need not have worried. My awesome company hooked us up with all sorts of healthy options.

lands9 (234x400)But, what I really want to talk about tonight is yesterday. Monday was  LONG day. After 8 hours at work I needed to squeak in a quick workout before launching into a night of errands. I decided this would be a great time to try out my new workout gear from the awesome team at Lands End.

veggie3 (400x300)I can tell you that finding plus size workout gear is rough. Normally, I am faced with one of the following issues that drive me absolutely insane.

1. The clothes are cut for someone 6 feet tall. Short girls need plus sizes too!

2. The clothes are not technically appropriate for workouts meaning they are not ventilated, moisture wicking, flat in the seams etc.

3.They are cheaply made and require constant tugging, pulling, etc.

Finally, my biggest annoyance, is that bigger workout clothes are usually pretty ugly, which makes no sense. It is hard to feel confident and workout like a boss when you are feeling down about yourself from the jump. Feeling good enough to get out there is a HUGE battle for those struggling with weight issues.  That is why I was truly impressed when I first scoped out Lands End new workout line. Lands End has designed a line of workout clothes that are both functional and cute- both workout and life friendly. They offer sizes XS-3X and everything looks the same regardless of size. I was totally sucked in by the cute colors and cuts. Needless to say when offered the chance to put these pieces to the test- I was excited!

wms-perf-20140301-introYesterday I took the Colorblock Running Jacket, Short Sleeve Crew Tee (in white), and Relaxed Performance Capri Pants out for a spin!

lands14 lands12 lands13The first thing I noticed is that the pants actually fit correctly. Can I get an amen from the short gals out there??? There was no folding at the waist, no pinching anywhere, and the length was spot on!

lands4 (300x400)So, I took off for a 3 miler around my neighborhood..

lands2 (300x400)How gorgeous are the trees right now?

lands3 (300x400) (2)It got a touch too warm after my first lap so I ditched the jacket at my house but the shirt performed like a champ! It was just the right amount of stretchy without being clingy. The length (again) was perfect. I didn’t have to tug it down once over my stomach or hips. I also loved where it hit on my arms. I will definitely be seeking this shirt out in other colors, possibly all of them. (Ahem- shopping addiction much?) I was definitely a happy girl after my workout!

lands5 (300x400)By this time, it was creeping into the evening hours and I had a HUGE grocery store run to make. While I do prefer to dress in “real clothes” for the store there are just times when dashing out after a workout is inevitable. Luckily, I just tossed on my running jacket and I was set. The hubs even called the combo cute. And I have to say, it was. I dug the pink…obviously.

lands8 (300x400)Oh, and the jacket had my current favorite trend…thumb holes. ;) All in all, Lands End NAILED IT with their plus size workout line!!! Love!

lands (300x400)I dashed out for the groceries (and supplies for Easter brunch this weekend). I, of course, went list in hand.

lands7 (300x400)The store took approximately forever but I did manage to get home, showered, and ready for bed with some time to spare… TIVO anyone??

As for tonight, I am relaxing with the hubs and pups.Tomorrow is Weight Watchers Weigh In Day….Ready or not!!!

IMG_6636 (300x400)Who makes your favorite workout gear?


*Lands End provided complimentary clothing for review but the opinions expressed, as always, are my own.

The Belated Weekend Blog

Welcome to the belated weekend blog featuring brunch, movies, give away results, and birthday shoe shenanigans!!

Whoops! I had so much happening this weekend that this has been my first chance to sit down and catch up on the old blog. I will start off by saying I did have a successful “on plan” weekend with my diet. Weekends are always a bit tricky in that we tend to relax a bit and sometimes relaxing leads to some “relaxed” decision making. I always tend to indulge more than I should so I made a conscious effort to keep my eye on the prize this weekend.

 Friday night I started the prep work for Saturday’s “Sparkling Brunch”. I knew my morning would be tight so I wanted a main dish that required little to no work on the day it needed to be served. A breakfast casserole seemed like the perfection option. It could be 100% prepped the night before, feeds a ton of people, and is a total crowd pleaser. Also note you could modify this for a healthier option with turkey sausage, egg whites, and loading it up with veggies! I certainly plan to make it that way for the hubs and I next go around!! As for cooking for a crowd- I always keep in mind that others are not on the same restrictions I am. I am glad to fix a “crowd pleaser” and then only have small portion or avoid it all together.


Crowd Pleaser Breakfast Casserole


Step 1: Brown up 1 pound of breakfast sausage (you could sub turkey here and toss in tons of veggies)

bday16 (300x400)Step2: While the sausage browns line a casserole dish with toasted and cubed bread OR save some time (and money) and grab some Texas Toast style herb croutons.

bday18 (300x400)Step3: In a large bowl combine 8 eggs, 2 ½ cups of milk, 1 cup cheddar cheese (you could also add your raw veggies if you wished), salt, pepper, and ground mustard.

bday17 (300x400)Step 4: Add the sausage (drained of fat) to the casserole dish

bday15 (300x400)Step 5: Pour your egg mixture to coat evenly and top with additional cheese if desired

bday14 (300x400)Then you pop this casserole in the fridge until the next morning when you will heat it through 45-60 minutes at 325 degrees. Yum!

bday8 (300x400)And speaking of the next morning, I was up EARLY prepping the rest of the sparkling brunch. Coffee was made, mimosas mixed, fruit salad tossed, and appetizers set before the ladies started to arrive.  (Bonus points if you have ever heard the term “jezebel sauce” before. My northern pals just looked at me like I grew a second head)!

bday13 (300x400) bday12 (300x400) bday11 (300x400) bday10 (400x400)Everyone brunched while my pal Siobhan presented the Spring Premiere Jewelry collection. I am a huge fan of these bracelets!

bday9 (400x400)bdAfter brunch the hubs and I spent an afternoon at the movies. Have you seen Captain America 2 yet?? Loved it!!

bd2Sunday was also of the busy variety. We were celebrating my pal’s Birthday!!

bday6 (300x400)Obviously there were gifts…

bday7 (300x400)Sushi…

bday (400x400)And shoe shopping.

bday5 (300x400) bday3 (400x400) bday4 (400x400)We also found our “perfect reds” at Mac. Mine was Rhianna Viva Glam. The flecks of gold SOLD me!

bd3And in a total 180 we scooted over to see Draft Day which we both really loved! After the hour long drive home, the hubs and I ended the weekend with Game of Thrones and I was out! Whew! And just like that…it was Monday!


Sorry for the announcement delay but congrats to commenter 9  who won the Relays by Sol Republic Giveaway!  She has already been notified by email.

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