Date     MONTH   Weight            +/-       Grand Total Lost

7-31-18       1                                          10.0            10.0








  1. Robin G says:

    I found your blog after searching for some inspiring message about running and pink. Thank you for your blog. You are exactly the kind of inspiration I need, a real person doing really hard things in order to live a better life. Congrats on the weight loss and a 4 mile trail run too. Wow- you are my hero.

    This January, 2011, my cousin Dawn & I decided to start training for the 2012 Princess 1/2 marathon. We both love the idea of wearing Pink, Tiaras and Disney.

    Neither of us have ever run before for racing. My previously running includes the day after Thanksgiving shopping and I want those shoes first. At 40 something, we both want/need to live a healthier lifestyle with a balance between work, marriage, and life.

    Eating organic is so expensive. How do you afford it? I’ve been reading the Jillian Michaels “Master your Metabolism” and I like her philosophy that if it doesn’t grow in the ground or have a mother it should not go in your body. What are your thoughts?

    Running: We are using the Sports Medicine Council, University of British Columbia’s Medical School, walk/ run method to train. This encourages you to alternate between running 1 minute then walking 1 minute. It is supposed to help prepare and protect your joints, bones and body for the compression required by running. We are using the 13 week beginner program to run a 5K by mid-summer, then we will switch to the 26-week program for the 1/2 marathon.
    What are your thoughts on preparing for races?

    Keep up the good work.
    From another Pink Runner.

  2. runninginpinkproject says:

    Robin-Thanks for stopping by. You will just love running at Disney and the Princess 1/2 weekend is so much fun. Im planning to run it in 2012 also! It’s so motivating to run/walk with so many awesome ladies! This year since my focus is weight loss I am just doing the Royal Family 5K but I am pretty excited for Princess weekend anyway. Best of luck with your training!

    Disney Running is working with Jeff Galloway who also does the run/walk intervals you are describing. It’s and excellent way to finish a long race. You can go to

    to learn more about his partnership at Disney. He was one of the speakers at the race expo we attended before the Wine and Dine 1/2 last year and it was really neat to hear him speak.

    My personal philosophy is to prepare as best you can and then have fun at the event. I know I will never ever be a “front of the pack” finisher so I am careful to just set my own goals and not base my success against what someone else does or how quickly they finish. 🙂

    In terms of organic foods, its funny you mention that, I am writing a post about how to shop organic on a budget. There are certain items I am particular about and others not so much.

    I am so glad you stopped by to say hello! 🙂


  3. Leigh says:

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