Hello November

October came and went like a wrecking ball. After some pondering I have decided to revamp the blog a bit. What was supposed to be a lifestyle blog kind of turned into a half hearte fitness blog. As we move on expect to see equal looks at my health/fitness/weight loss, lifestyle content, running, and finally a little look at my side hustle business.

And what you didn’t see in October….

Howl-O-Scream/Busch Gardens Williamsburg

IMG_5471 IMG_5547 IMG_5580

We celebrated our TEN year wedding aniversary

IMG_5598 IMG_5599

Spent a week eating, walking, and sipping our way through New Orleans

IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5841 IMG_5844 IMG_5874 IMG_5891 IMG_5950 IMG_5951 IMG_5966 IMG_5984 IMG_6035 IMG_6036 IMG_6039 IMG_6048

Taking the little to explore all of the cool fall festivities

IMG_6065 IMG_6088 IMG_6113 IMG_6116 IMG_6136 IMG_6153 IMG_6191 IMG_6192 IMG_6193 IMG_6194 IMG_6233

Visiting DC with my pal Kristen for a weekend of brunching, shopping, and Gavin Degraw

IMG_6289 IMG_6299 IMG_6316 IMG_6348 IMG_6363 IMG_6365 IMG_6383 IMG_6384 IMG_6394 IMG_6395

And finishing up the month with Trick-Or-Treat

IMG_6435 IMG_6448

For those keeping track- I lost 0 pounds in October. To be honest, with being out of town for more than we were in town this month I am happy to break even. BUT November is a new month. Time to buckle down and finish up the year strong!

Weekly Workout Round Up

Here are my workouts for Sunday October 1 – Saturday October 7 2017


Long Run 1/2 pavement 1/2 off road



Morning: Strength Training (Lower Body)

Evening: 3 Miles w Hills (Pavement)



Cross Training – Hiking w Hills



Morning: Strength Training Upper Body

Evening: Recovery Miles- 2 Slow



Cross Training- Elliptical and Rowing Machine


Morning: Strength (Lower Body) and Elliptical

Evening: Roadtripping



Join me on Instagram (The_Sara_Renee) and follow our healthy road trip adventures in real time! I will not be using this weekend as an excuse to derail. Keep me honest and follow along!