Spring Break…The Extended Version

Sooooo you know that thing of when you take a week off from the blog and it turns into a month? Ahem. No?? Well, that is where I have been lately. For what it is worth I took some much needed time to have an actual break, travel a bit, and finally get back to the real world.

Be on the lookout this week as I start 21 Day Fix, Resume Weigh Ins (coming soon), and how I am simplifying and minimalizing my life (not just my home). The last year has been tough but my “new normal” is feeling pretty good. In the meantime- check out the last 3 1/2 weeks in pictures. They are worth a thousand words after all…

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Mom- Established 2016

Happy Friday Eve Yall!! It has been a pretty hectic week at the Running In Pink Project hour with some busy times at the 9-5 and preparing for our first miniature vacation from the little. But last weekend we celebrated all things mother’s day. On Saturday the hubs took me a good pal to the Strawberry and Wine festival for a day of relaxing.

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On Sunday the hubs had planned to take me and the little to a lovely brunch. A was obviously in his Sunday best. Precious!

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We had a wonderful brunch in Charlottesville and even made a stop to pick up a few more Mother’s Day treats for me. Very Sweet!

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I couldnt have asked for a nicer day with the sweetie who made me a mama.


Stay Tuned for posts on “The Re-set Week”, “Vacation Moderation”, and “Fasting”.


The Weigh In – Week 8

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 8

Date: 5-13-17

Weight Loss/Gain  -0.2

Grand Total Loss 20.6

Total Lost since highest weight  30.6


How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling ok. The 2-a-day workouts are catching up to me so I am taking a week off from that (since this will be a shorter week due to an upcoming trip) and just call it an active recovery week. I plan to keep my body moving but not put a lot of stress on it. I want to heal, regroup, and rest up so I can start hitting it hard again when we get home from our long weekend.

How I am feeling mentally: Mentally, I am super discouraged. I know that there are so many things that come into play like I can tell I am changing my body, my strength is improving, my size is dropping BUT I have way too much to lose to see a stall this early on. This is the frustrating crap that always causes me to throw in the towel.  I wont be doing that this time BUT I do feel really down this week.

Picture from the Week: