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Hi there!! Welcome to The Running In Pink Project – A blog about yours truly.

IMG_2356 (300x400)I am Sara Renee, a southern girl in my heart but not so much in my zip code, living in Virginia with my husband and our two totally spoiled rotten fur babies.

DSC04160s DSC04219sI am a work from home professional (with a traditional 9-5 work day), brand new mama, and all around fun loving girl. I want to live a healthy life, an active life, and a FUN life. Being overweight for SO LONG has really impacted how I look at all aspects of my life. I cant wait for the the day that my weight doesn’t get to matter anymore and I can live healthfully and happily!

DSCN0053sI started this blog once upon a time as a way to explore the balance of working full time, maintaining friendships, a marriage, and my own sanity while losing weight. Needless to say there have been some ups and downs but my goal is to finish much healthier than I started. The time has come to put KNOWLEDGE INTO ACTION and make it happen!! Even though the road in front of me is long- I will reach my goals!

rose4I am using good old fashioned weight loss techniques – eating right and various physical activities  to achieve my weight loss goals. I should also note I am a believer in “real food” (organic when possible, farm to table, etc) and not processed “quick fix” options.  I am proceeding under my doctor’s care and advise others pursuing weight loss goals to do the same. No two bodies are the same so this blog is only intended as a tool to show others the types of things that work or don’t work for me (and a truly honest look at that).

One of my major priorities is to continue to enjoy my life while on this weight loss journey- I never want to take myself too seriously and that is why when I run, I run in pink. It makes me smile- it’s as simple as that!

IMG_5556 (400x400) And as for me in a nutshell?? Coffee makes the world go round with cupcakes and sushi not too far behind. I would seriously consider eating saltines for a week for the right handbag. I am a Disney lover/nerd and sneak in vacations there as often as I can (of the running variety when possible).  Addiction they name is shoes. I don’t believe in the term “over accessorized”.  Travel and experiences are life. If you don’t like  football you are wrong (Dallas Cowboys and WVU through and through). U2 is the best band to grace planet earth….but I still shake my booty to Britney Spears (love her). My mother and late grandmother are my heroes. I secretly want a tattoo but cant decide if “good southern girls” do that. Thank you notes matter…and so do good manners. I have terrible taste in television but great taste in friends.  I believe in love, happiness, and big sunglasses.

DSCN0338sAnd that pretty much sums it up. If you want to know anything else…just ask.

I would love to hear from you. Contact me at Sara@RunningInPinkProject.com






  1. Mom and Dad says:

    We are extremely proud of what you are doing, but you might want to mention that you do have a mom and dad once in a while!!!

    • runninginpinkproject says:

      Thanks! Im pretty fond of the pups and they are spoiled rotten of course! 🙂 Glad you stopped by.

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