September Weigh In


Month 3 in the books and I saw an 8 pound loss bringing me to 31 pounds. I was a little bummed not to see double digits this month but I am staying the course. Taking a long look at my tracking let me know that 1. I may have been under- eating (yes, that can happen) to sustain my workouts and promote loss. 2. I let my strength training slip. 3. I have gotten into a workout rut. I am still moving at least 6 days a week but it is time to work a little smarter.


On the side of positives: 1. I had perfect lab work for the first time since being in my 30s. Whaaaaa? 2. I am still committed 100% to getting healthy. 3. I have lost another size in clothes.


My healthy habits for October:

  1. Eat my allotted daily calories- No under eating or restricting.
  2. Re-commit to my strength training AND start tracking it properly
  3. Shake up my fitness routine (especially cross training days)

I will finish this year strong. No doubt about it!




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