Move More

Since I have tried pretty much everything over the years to get (and stay) at a healthy weight I really thought long and hard about what my final effort (before seeking medical intervention) would be. Once upon a time a yoga teacher wisely advised me to make one small change at a time, stick with that change for 30 days, and then make another. Don’t change anything else, worry about anything else, or address anything else. Essentially, the idea was making one healthy habit part of your life at a time.

With SO much weight to lose it really has been counter productive over the years to jump in the deep end- workouts lined up, kale in hand, ready to make “all the changes”. That doesn’t stick because it is exhausting…and kind of awful. It also expects some level of overcoming things that are just kind of part of who you are. That is difficult to do- even with the right tools and buckets of motivation. It is a time thing. So, this go around I am approaching things differently. This is my anti-diet diet if you will. In July my new habit was making sure all calories fell in my “My Fitness Pal” directed calorie range for weight loss. At this point, I have changed 0 in terms of what I am eating BUT everything in terms just making sure I don’t exceed my calorie goal. This also meant parting ways with my beloved “cheat day”. I came to terms that “cheating” was a euphemism for binging. It took me YEARS to admit that. Right now, I deny myself nothing which makes the “cheat” a moot point. I am sure this will shift over time. But, for now, that is where we are. But that is a story for another day.

Today’s story is all about moving more. When thinking of my August habit I knew I wanted it to be physical. So, I made the commitment to move 6 days a week. I didn’t define it or analyze it to death…just get out there and move.


I did commit to at least 3 strength training mornings per week (usually 4) but the cardio is simply whatever I fancy. If I want to run, I run. If I want to walk, I walk, If I want to hike I hike.. Yoga, body pump, 30 day fix videos- really my options are limitless. No grand announcements..just action.

The first part of this month say a LOT of stroller walks with the little… a lot.

IMG_3729 IMG_3689 IMG_3652

But gradually I am adding in some variety..and little by little I am pushing myself harder and harder. Last night I sprinted some TOUGH hills and felt like a rock star. I have also gotten the hubs in on the act a little which is a really fun thing. I love family workout days.

IMG_3764 IMG_3694

With that said, we trade off “duty” nights so we each get 3 kiddo free cardio workouts per week (we trade strength training mornings too) which means I can go off road, take on hills, or choose an activity where taking the little would be impossible.


For the first time since I was in dance WAY back in the day- I feel empowered by my workouts rather than burdened. I truly can’t wait to see where this road takes me.


And for those wondering- September’s “healthy habit” will be hydrating properly for my body weight.

Until Next Time…be Happy, Healthy and Strong.