Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way- Don’t Tell Everything You Know

Gather round kiddies- I have a little wisdom to share. Anybody who knows me even a little bit has heard about “the move”. Within 2 weeks we had a buyer, a seller, and we were in full hustle mode. Last week, literally all within 24 hours our buyers got cold feet, our sellers apparently caught their cold feet, and we went RIGHT back to square one. Ahem. So, naturally (because I was so flipping excited) I had pulled the trigger on telling, oh I don’t know, the entire freaking world about this move. So dumb. Even dumber- I bought curtains and a couple furniture items. Oh, I for sure thought this was happening.

So cut to me a few days later having to backtrack and explain the whole “these things just happen” no less than 500 times. Each time I did I died a little more inside. Truth be told that is just the way this goes. Until you are trading signatures for keys- its never really a done deal. And really, there are lots of houses but once I started picturing my beautiful kitchen makeover, football Sundays and the baby trick-or-treating, forget it. I felt like someone died which I know is so insanely stupid to say.  I actually cried myself to sleep Friday night…But Saturday I called in reinforcements.


My parents came in and saved the day. My husband and dad did some extra outside work to get the house looking lovely for Sunday’s open house and mom and I took the baby for some lunch and shopping. NEVER underestimate the power of bringing your mom to town. Moms fix all the things.

IMG_3550 IMG_3552 IMG_3538

Even though I was still bumming pretty hard Sunday we had to pack up and get out for the day. It was open house time again. We tried to do some house hunting but I am just not there yet. So, instead, we went into the mountains for a little hiking, reflecting, and chatting.

IMG_3637 IMG_3605

The truth is, I often say I am giving things over to God or fate and then I continue to leave my little paws in the mix. In this case it just feels like I have been pushing against a wall and maybe that is the problem. I decided to really give this over and see what happens. If we sell we will house hunt, if we don’t we can pull the house for the winter and try again next summer. Timing is everything. And I really am at peace with that idea.


So, basically I have zero idea what is happening and I have decided to be ok with that. And you can bet that next time I wont be making a peep (or ordering so many curtains- Lord) until I have those keys jangling in my hand. Lesson Learned….the hard way.