Gym Intimidation

Part of getting truly back on track with my wellness means getting back on a strength training schedule. And getting back on a strength training schedule means getting back on a gym schedule. And getting back on a gym schedule means I have to go to the gym. Ahem.


The gym used to be my jam. In high school and college I was as confident as anyone else in my ability to use each and every cardio machine, weight, etc in the joint. Cut to now and I feel like I am in a foreign land.

So when I rolled out of bed at 4:45 this morning to get my gym run in before the baby woke up (hubs is here with him obviously) I was filled with gym-timidation. BUT then I quickly reminded myself of the following.

#TruthBomb – the average “public” cares little to not at all about you. Truth. Somehow we feel like people are focused on us or talking about us… they aren’t. For real. They are trying to get their morning hustle done and get to work. They probably forget you are there 4 seconds after you pass by. I literally could not recall one person I saw this morning other than the front desk guy…so relax!! Go in, do your thing and get out.


Also, most really fit gym goers are actually pretty friendly. Ask a question if you need to. Tell them what you are trying to accomplish if you feel so inclined. You’ll see that everybody has a story or knows someone who has a story. And keep in mind, you don’t actually have to chat it up with anyone if you don’t want to..this is just a PSA that most people are truly okay folks.

You might encounter a jerk. It is rare (and hasn’t actually happened to me). If you are the speak up type- go for it. If not, stand your ground in other ways and keep right up with your routine. Don’t miss a beat.  When someone has an ugly heart it says everything about them and nothing about you.

And my unsolicited advice- go in with a plan. If you have a purpose it stops that dead panic of “OMG what am I doing here?” straight away. You can always modify the plan but definitely have one.


As for me my weekly workout schedule for August is looking like this.

Mondays- AM: Strength Training Gym

PM: Walk or Swim with Baby

Tuesdays- AM: Morning Cardio or Stretching (30 min or less)

PM: Cross Train

Wednesdays-AM: Strength Training Gym

PM: Jog/Hills with Baby

Thursdays-AM: Rest

PM: 90 Minutes Hot Yoga or 90 Min Intense Cross Train

Fridays AM: Strength Training Gym

PM: Rest

Saturday: REST

Sunday: Long Run


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