Seasons Change

So, just a couple tiny days after my last post…our house SOLD. In under a week. Crazy right? We are still waiting for the inspection stuff to settle but basically the last couple weeks have been a crazy hustle to findĀ  a new place of our own. IMG_3179

Ive been under a lot of stress..a lot. And as a result of that I have let SO many excuses get in between me and my goals. In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit I have creeped back up to my absolute highest ever weight. That feels so insanely gross to me. So, instead of sitting around like a deer in headlights I formulated a new plan, made appointments with my doctor, a nutritionist, and a therapist to get the tools I need to shift my thought process and my lifestyle. If this doesn’t work I plan to start a medical intervention in the spring. That’s it. Now, hear me when I say I dont think you have to hate or abuse your body to get results- quite the opposite actually. So, Ill be hitting it hard but staying kind with myself. I have decided on monthly weigh in’s as the weekly jumps on the scale can be really tricky mentally. In the meantime life goes on…

Hanging with my sweet little ginger.


Rebooting my Lipsense business…


Concert going and shopping with my pal Kristen (probably my last summer hurrah with the move coming up)

IMG_3361 IMG_3382 IMG_3376 IMG_3393(1)

I am planning to commit to 2-3 weekly blogs so I dont get overwhelmed BUT I have a place to keep my accountability in check.


What have YOU been up to?