Home Sweet Home

One REALLY big reason things have been so quiet around here lately is that the hubs and I decided it was finally time to put our little place on the market and search for a home that meets the needs for the next season of our lives.

Honestly, we hadn’t planned on doing this for another year or so. However when the “perfect” house came on the market we suddenly found ourselves with a mortgage pre-approval and 60% of our belongings in storage.

When that house promptly fell through- and I do mean promptly (all of this transpired in the course of 5 days) we decided that this was just God’s nudge to move on. That house wasn’t meant for us BUT moving on to what HE has planned- definitely was.  SO- cut to 3 weeks later and our little place is freshly groomed, going on the market today (eeeek) and ready for it’s next family.


As for us, well we aren’t exactly sure where we are going to end up. BUT the fun starts now. Ready to get our house hunt on and see what the future holds for our little family.

What are your “must haves” when looking for a home?


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