A Tale of Two Weekends

How has this weekend gone by in such a flash? The little is napping while I put together my first 21 Day Fix grocery list. Holy details Batman! People swear by this program but I am looking at these containers like whaaaaaat?

Basically, this reinforces natural choices and portion control. But the color coding- AGH! My nerd side loves it and my busy side is annoyed but we will make it work. I am actually really excited!

I wanted to share some fun photos from my trip with “the red head” aka Kristen to see Train last weekend. YES, we see them every summer and YES it is always super fun to get away with the girls for a hot minute.

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This weekend is looking a little different. The hubs is taking his turn for a beach camping adventure with the guys. So the little and I are holding it down here with some splash park, swimming, and bonding time!

t11 t12 t9

I will be back with a shopping list update soon! Soak up this beautiful Sunday Yall!!