The Honeymoon Is Over

Welcome to week 8!! In looking back over the years at my attempts at weight loss week 8 seems to be where the train de-rails. Think about it- 8 weeks is about where the excitement of a “new plan” wears off. It is the spot where a new plan should transition into a new life.  Because, for me, losing weight and staying in a healthy weight range is a life commitment. There won’t be an end- at least not really. That used to scare me. But it doesn’t anymore.


Just a “real talk” minute here- this kid has changed my spirit. He has changed my heart. He has changed my priorities. Wellness isn’t just about looking good in cute clothes or even feeling better (both great motivations by the way). But now wellness means being active with my kid, feeling like taking him to see and do everything we can, and living as long as I can to see what sort of man this little guy turns out to be.  I owe it to both of us to get healthy. Period. So there is no stopping the train at 8 weeks to take a stretch break, you know?

6So, that is why I don’t stress the occasional cocktail or Starbucks. This isn’t a diet- it’s just my life. That has been SO hard to accept before. Because it isn’t fun to be careful with your calories/macros, it isn’t fun to plug every bite in an app, and it isn’t fun to get up at 4:30am to cram in a second workout. But you know what else isn’t fun? Dying at 45 from heart disease and leaving your baby, not feeling like playing horses with your tiny guy because your back hurts, dreading vacations because- ugh what will I wear. Obviously some of that is more poignant than others but you get the idea. Life is hard- so choose your hard.. you know?  But it is still ok to live and love your life in the meantime.


Maybe one day when I am in a true maintenance mode I can live by the 80/20 rule. For now I am more 90/10 or 95/5 and that is okay. The point is I have accepted and embraced this process- and it is a hard process no doubt- but my 8 week curse is broken. Join me for my 8 week weigh in Saturday….and we will keep on trucking! My eye is on the prize.