Building An Active Life

It is not a secret that I am an indoorsy brunch and comfort kind of girl venturing outside for the occasional pool and wine festival and that is about it. Most of that is seriously just who I am as a person BUT some of that (truthfully) is just always me balking at the idea of that sort of thing being exhausting. Lately, I have been trying to shift my mind set a bit.

We have had a very busy few weekends here. I had complained that we had been toting the little around for errands and not much else lately. When Sunday morning rolled around the hubs said – Today is your day to pick anything you want to do with the baby. My first thought was getting in our Sunday run. It had rained so there would be turtles and such all around the trail. Since I had some backup we took the running stroller on some pretty awesome off road trails and hills!

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Instead of spending the rest of the morning worn out we stopped for a quick refuel (salads at Zoeys) and headed a bit off the beaten path to an orchard for some strawberry picking!


It was beautiful and just a little chilly. Perfect for getting down and picking berries.


I had kind of always wanted to try strawberry or blueberry picking but we always made some excuse not to. With A being a little bigger he was able to toddle around the grounds and even pick berries with a little help.

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By the time we were finishing up he was plucking berries off like a champ!

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We’ve been eating gorgeous berries all week.


Afterward we went on to Charlottesville for a little shopping and wrapped up our day at Wild Wold Brewing Company. No beer for me obviously but I did have a delicious serving of BBQ. A was facsincated by the ducks, chickens, and fish living there.


It was a perfect spontaneous Sunday that I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed a year or two ago. I can feel my life changing little by little and I have no complaints.


Looking forward to some new active adventures….but also some brunches and Netflix too (I didn’t get kidnapped by aliens or anything). 😉