The Weigh In- Week 7

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 7

Date: 5-6-17

Weight Loss/Gain  -2.0

Grand Total Loss 20.4

Total Lost since highest weight  30.4


How I am feeling physically: Physically I am doing well. I am trying to incorporate a little more rest into my week (cutting 2 a day workouts down to just 3 days and having single workout days 2 days weekly). I can definitely tell a marked change in my body composition. I am lifting more, getting stronger, and it carries over into my day to day tasks. That is a huge point of motivation.

How I am feeling mentally: Relieved. After confessing my 2 weeks of restriction I was SO worried that eating all of my allotted macros would throw me into a tailspin. And as trusting the process goes- we see it did the opposite. Here is to another week of truly following the plan and nourishing my body and mind!!

Picture from the week:


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