Attitude of Gratitude

I hope everyone had a happy Easter!! We certainly did in our little corner of the world. It is amazing and an incredible blessing to watch a holiday through a child’s eyes. Truly. Our little guy had THE BEST time going through is loot and eating way too much chocolate.

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As for me, I stayed almost chocolate free (had one small piece) AND stayed totally on plan. I did make a calorie heavy brunch for the crew but I balanced it out by drinking my greens for dinner. Win/Win.

It occurred to me over the weekend that I have really been looking at this weight loss thing ALL wrong. For weeks I have been in that zone of feeling disappointed in my size, feeling like nothing fit/looked right, etc. Really, just a pity party if I am being honest. Luckily, time hop reminded me that it was just a few Easter’s ago when I had a random health scare that led to weeks of tests on my heart etc. Luckily, I was fine but I can certainly tell you when I thought I wasn’t feeling “bummed” about needing to lose weight or look a certain way in clothes was the LAST thing on my mind.

So, as I ran yesterday I did so with an attitude of gratitude. Sure, I am not where I want to be BUT I am well, I am physically able to workout twice a day,  I am financially able to get the things I need and a lot of what I want. I am happy. I have NO room to let the negativity come in and start to spread. The road will be long, very long. But I am ok and on the way to being even better. And I am thankful.

Speaking of workouts- yesterday’s solo run was a killer!! Holy hills Batman!

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I spent the evening asking my husband- “Should my legs really hurt like this? Did I overdo it?” Hahahaha Seriously, it was something. Luckily, we had a quiet evening at home. I spent it diggning through my Easter loot (yes, yes I still get a basket) and watching “Sing” with the little.


Here is to hoping your holiday weekend was full of smiles!!

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