The Weigh In- Week 4

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 4

Date: 4-15-17

Weight- 349.6

Weight Loss/Gain  -0.4

Grand Total Loss 15.4

Total Lost since highest weight  25.4


How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling pretty good. I feel sore, mostly in my legs, hips, and lower back. I have noticed that I am breathing with more ease, sleeping better, and have more energy- all of which are great. I also noticed that normal tasks like lifting the baby, carrying too much stuff at once, etc have become a bit easier. I am nowhere near (even in the neighborhood or city or state) of where I want/need to be but I can tell marked progress in four weeks. So that is inspiring me to press on.

How I am feeling mentally: I started to write “beaten down” here but that really isn’t true. I am having a pity party. I can identify that I am irrationally disappointed in this small loss. But let’s recap- First, mom was in town this week so we ate exactly zero meals at home. I made great choices and stayed on plan but it is not the same as eating at home. Next, every single week can’t be a huge loss. Sometimes our bodies need a minute to catch up. Lastly, after YEARS of “all the diets” I know my body tends to have a nice loss or two and then a small or 0 loss for a week befoe picking back up. This isnt news. So, what I have to do mentally is be fine with that, not let it de-rail me, and just relax into the process. This is too long of a road to be so tense and worked up. So here is to another week!

Picture From The Week:

(Full body for yall that have been asking. Ill try to do better here). 😉


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