Weekly Workout Round Up 4-9-17 to 4-15-17

Sunday – Intense Cardio: Several Miles off road with hills, sprints, etc.


Monday- Weight/Strength Training (5:00am), Cardio- w hills after work


Tuesday: Weight/Strength Training (5:00am), Cardio- slow recovery 2 miles after work


Wednesday – Weight/Strength Only (oops!)

Thursday- Weight/Strength Training (5:00am), Cardio (1 hour hike at lunch)3

6 5 2

Friday Weight/Strength Training (5:00am), Cardio (20 min) GYM


And on Saturday…we rest! Here is to hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow. Finger’s crossed yall.. And if we needed a visual on my commitment level check out what I ate last night while my beautiful little family noshed on delicious pizza….


Happy Friday Yall!