The Weigh In- Week 3

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 3

Date: 4-8-17

Weight- 350.0

Weight Loss/Gain  -4.0

Grand Total Loss 15.0

Total Lost since highest weight  25.0


How I am feeling physically: Whew! Getting back into lifting weights has been both super amazing and super taxing physically. I am extremely careful to lift correctly so I am working the right muscles and not straining areas that should not be strained. With that said, Holy soreness Batman. I have been assured that once I get in a groove the kind of exhausting pain I am feeling won’t be as constant. However, I love the addition to my routine. Getting up at 4-something in the morning is still tiring BUT truly it only took about a week to get acclimated. Splitting my weights and cardio up allows me to give 100% to each.  So, I am feeling good! I am sore but good.

How I am feeling mentally: Mentally my plate is full. My 9-5 has been very very busy. And life has been busy too. I feel a little worn down in general BUT I am feeling pretty positive about my weight loss efforts. I am REALLY working on being ok with how long this process will be. Honestly, the dread of knowing how hard I would have to work was much worse than the work itself. It is just kind of becoming part of the routine which is exactly what I wanted.

Picture From The Week: