One Is Not The Loneliest Number

Happy Monday Yall!! Are you ready to hit the ground running….or just face first? 😉 Either way, here we are ready to take on another week!


I am happy to report a beautiful (on plan woop woop!) weekend. Saturday is my rest day (cue angels singing) but Sunday I had the opportunity to run solo and have an amazing hour or so on the trail. Now yall know I love running with my little bald sidekick. But sometimes you just want to listen to your music too loud, hit the dirt trails, and peacefully run/hike the trails that even the off road running stroller can’t handle.

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It. Was. Glorious. I was just in a really positive place physically and mentally. It probably doesn’t compare to what most can do but comparison is the thief of joy as we all know. And for me, this was a great run!


The rest of the weekend was pretty much all business. It was an errands and family time kind of affair. On Saturday the little and I managed a day of running errands and healthy eats while the hubs had some time on his motorcycle and a solo run of his own.

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We snuck in some furniture shopping that evening along with my “cheat meal” of the week- a nice sushi dinner (2 rolls for me).


Sunday we flip flopped and I ran solo. Then the little had some quality time with his Nana while the hubs and I headed out for a much needed date night.

A slow but lovely weekend was a great change of pace after a couple straight weeks of travel, concerts, and excitement. When you wind up you need to wind down, you know?

Happy Monday Yall! Make this week a great one!