Breaking Bad Habits

Over the weekend we had the best time in WV hanging with my parents, letting them spoil Aiden rotten, and catching up on some much needed rest.

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Weekends have always been a time to let my guard down a bit with the strictness of my eating plan. Unfortunately, in the past, I didn’t quite have a handle on what “a bit” meant. Ahem. This weekend I am happy to say, despite any and all distractions, I did stay on planĀ  with the exception of one meal with the folks on Saturday. Even then, I was careful to watch my portions (ordered a couple small sliders instead of a full burger, gave my potatoes to the husband and baby, skipped desert, and and just one sangria).


At first I felt a little resentful saying “no” but I quickly reminded myself that WAY TOO MUCH saying “yes” is what got me here. Having a little splurge didnt lead to a bigger splurge which was a huge win for me. Normally once that guard is down it tends to stay down and that is a habit that needed/needs to be broken. On Sunday I went 100% back on plan with a salad for lunch. I was feeling a bit bloated from Saturday’s planned cheat so dinner was drinking my greens. It is a touch higher in sugar than I like BUT I am not ready to jump full on into juicing just yet so we do the best we can, you know?


I have a LONG way to go but in just these two weeks of improving what is going into my body I can already see a difference in my skin. I also have a very marked reduction in puffiness of the eyes and cheeks. (Lipsense Color here is Bravo).


And when I falter, I can remind myself that not only am I doing this for me, but I am doing this for my son. I want to be the healthy mama who can chase that little ball of energy around with ease. Breaking bad habits certainly isn’t easy or fun but it is something I am working really hard on this time around.


Do you have a cheat meal/day? Why or why not?

Until Next Time…

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  1. Andrea says:

    I personally don’t have cheat meals because they wreck my stomach, and it causes a huge downward spiral. Now with my gluten free/dairy free diet and being diabetic, I can’t afford to take a cheat meal. Sad face!

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