The Weigh In- Week 1

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 1

Date: 3-25-17

Weight- 359.0

Weight Loss/Gain  -6.0

Grand Total Loss 6.0

Total Lost since highest weight 16.0


How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling ok. We are just getting started and the first week is always a feeling of renewed faith and such. I have been here a time or two so I know I am shedding water weight which still feels good to be rid of. I am getting some minor headaches from backing off the mid-day caffeine and trying to cut diet soda from my life as it is essentially poison. I want to be realistic so, for now, I am saying 1 diet soda a week (maybe with a weekend lunch or something).

How I am feeling emotionally: This process is always full of highs and lows. I feel relieved to be back on track. I feel nervous I will fail. I feel a little confused about the conflicting advice I am hearing on THRIVE. I am wondering if I should go the Plexus or Advocare route for my pre-workout and protein powder mix. If you are a distriutor of those- reach out to me and let me know how they are different than what I have. I am always willing to learn. Finally, I am feeling really thankful for the comments, emails, messages. I welcome advice, encouragement, opinions, and even criticism. We are never beyond learning something new are we?

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