And Yet..Thankfully…Life Goes On

I crumbled a little emotionally and mentally after my last post. Determination and mind numbing exhaustion sometimes go hand in hand. I was just feeling all of the feelings a little too hard. Add that to a child to is having a “wonder week” (aka clingy, sleepless, crying), no sleep for nearly two full days, and no break from work or life and you have a bit off a mess. Plus putting my weight, the thing I am most ashamed and sensitive about, out into the world kind of paralyzed me for a moment.  I say this all the time…It is important to me not to just exist but to LIVE. I want to see and do ALL THE THINGS. And I don’t want any excuse to hold me back. But I was down for a minute. And yet, thankfully, life goes on.

My brand new kit of THRIVE arrived this week (please just comment or email if I can support you in using THRIVE) so I am fully stocked with the Thrive W capsules, Lifestyle Mix (aka protein powder), Activate (pre-workout), and patches are here. There might have also been some Lularoe and Stitchfix in that particular haul. Ahem. Anyway, in regard to the THRIVE- I have gotten some nice and not so nice questions. There is also that person who has to point out -“you know there isn’t a magic remedy here?”… What? Really? You mean these vitamins won’t solve my issues for me? Ugh. Of Course, I know this. I am ready to do the work and there is NO SHAME in taking a little help. I mean don’t most programs (Beach Body, Plexus, Advocare etc) have their own powders, shakes, pre- workout mixes, etc? So spare me, please.  THRIVE makes a lot of sense to me, so that is what I am going to do….in addition to eating correctly and working my booty off.


I have also been focusing my early mornings on my LipSense business/hobby. I love playing in makeup, love making ladies feel confident and beautiful and LOVE starting my day with some personal development and devotionals while I pack up orders. I also don’t mind making a little extra mad money! (PS- You can join my Lips page Sealed With a Kiss by Sara Renee on Facebook).



And speaking of work, My 9-5 is still as busy as ever. I had a day of meetings this week and managed to remember to pack up healthy meals and snacks. It takes a LOT to turn down delicious Mexican with the group for a salad and grilled chicken but these are the changes that have to happen and have to stick. Prep work is going to be key yall!


And in the midst of all of this drama I was running errands with my little and spotted a bowl from across the store. It looks SO much like something my grandmother would have loved..and I was SO drawn to it that I snatched it up to buy without evening looking at the price. Thankfully it was a bargain. So beautiful!


This week we did a lot of concentrating on trading out processed foods for fresh and generally getting back on point with meal planning. I always forget how much I love cooking and love the feel and smell of different foods. My favorite dinner this week- balsamic pulled pork street tacos with black bean and corn salsa, avocado, and fresh crunch broccoli slaw. YUM!


There have also been some reprieves from the rain. I finally (I say finally and its only been a week) got to see the new Beauty and The Beast. Swoon. AND I had a salon visit this week. I went in with some J-Law hair goals and she got me pretty darn close. So good!

1At the end of the day, I will fight. I will fight for my health, my happiness, and for the whole big world I want to keep exploring. And for these guys….


Fall down 7 times…Get up 8. I’ve got this. Saturday morning is weigh in day, so get over here and see what went down this week!





  1. Whitney says:

    Girl, you got this! Motivation is tough, the week is long, but just keep marching slowly. I totally video myself on my phone each morning with my plans and motivation for the day. When I’m feeling low, I’ll take a second to watch it (no one knows with my headphones in!) and, weirdly, seeing me say my goals for the day totally helps me (not all the time, but a lot of the time!) stick to ’em.

  2. Rosie says:

    Nevertheless, she persisted. It’s what we do, right?

    I don’t comment a lot so feel free to dismiss if you want, but couple of thoughts:

    Sometimes it’s really hard to get diet and exercise changes done at the same time. It’s just a lot for the body to adjust to, and sometimes it just rejects being put through so much change at once. When it comes to losing weight, diet is the MOST important. You’ve heard all of the sayings (abs are made in the kitchen, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise), and it’s true! What if you just committed to focusing on your diet for a month? Try to get some exercise in when you want (take a walk when it’s nice), but what if you gave yourself permission to not worry about exercise for a little while as long as you as give 100% focus to diet? Then next month, you could start adding in some exercise goals because the food thing will start to become second nature.

    Also, this one may not go over so well…but that Thrive stuff really scares me. I had a friend who was selling it for a while and yes, the aggressive FB promoting was annoying…but then I did some research and whoa! There are a ton of stimulants in those products! I thought her comments about “tons of energy! so happy!” were just to sell more products but no..,she was having a reaction to all of those stimulants. And the supplement industry isn’t regulated at all, so there’s really no way to be sure how safe the mixes and patches and stuff are. Just google “thrive racing heart” and “thrive heart palpatations” and you’ll see some scary stuff. And then you can never really stop, because as soon as you do, all of the good effects are lost almost immediately.

    Good luck! People are rooting for you 🙂

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