Fail to Prepare…..

You know that old saying “If you fail to prepare you should prepare to fail?” I hate that saying. The truth is in MANY ways I am a ninja in the ways of preparedness. When things require my attention – like planning a Disney trip with a one year old…. SO..MANY..DETAILS…and it is planned to perfection.  And yet here we are 2 weeks from Princess Half Marathon race day and I feel totally and utterly unprepared.

To be fair it didn’t start off that way. I had a training plan, and even better I was following it. Heh. This was going to be my big redemption half and then BAM- almost 6 full weeks of illness and my first ever pulled muscle (because of course it was). In case you had any doubts losing those five weeks pretty much crushed my “redemption run” notions and threw me straight into survival mode.

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned I wasn’t sure how the race day would actually pan out (still true) but I have kept training just the same. Sunday was my first run over 4 miles (clocking in at nearly 6) in AGES. The little and I headed downtown with fresh legs and my trusty Brooks Adrenaline kicks to get the day started.

14 12

I just couldn’t stomach the thoughts of an “out and back” because they mess with my mental game so we mapped out a loop. There was a little downtown running….


Some trails off the beaten path..

10 9 7

A waterfall…

6 5 4

Some hills…


A tunnel…


And you get the idea. It was actually a really great loop that I used to run on the regular when I was in MUCH better shape. With a couple breaks for the baby tossed in (diapers and juice are imperative) we were out on the course for nearly 2 hours.


So, if you are doing the math that means that yes my miles were SLOW but it also means I still have the stamina to be running/walking/hiking for 2+ hours so THAT is what I am choosing to focus on. I also wont have a stroller, 22 pound baby, or MASSIVE Virginia hills come race day.

With that said, I am spending this week getting on one more long(ish) run and then doing some low impact cross training to give myself the needed benefits of at least a partial taper. I mean honestly, there is nothing left here to do.


I think I got a little panicky during my unexpected running hiatus (even throwing my hands up and calling quits) so I also have no costume, playlist, or nutrition plan for the race (that is ALL in the works though- so stand by!). And as far as that playlist goes- you better believe my guilty pleasure jams will be right at the top! If you can’t run like a badass at least run fun, right?

Lets see how this goes, shall we?