Wear The Heels

Lately I have been thinking a LOT about the mind, body and soul connection. I have been thinking a lot about clutter- both mental and physical. I have been thinking a lot about the importance of living everyday as if it is something special.

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A few weeks ago I was chatting with a beautiful friend of mine about perfume. She told me that she had everyday perfume but her favorite perfume was something she only wore on special occasions. This will sound awful or insane maybe but all I could imagine is what if something tragic happened today and this perfume bottle stayed ¾ full forever because we truly don’t spend our days like they are the special gifts that they actually are. This really got my wheels turning- a lot. So much so that I started taking mental inventory on the things I put off or save away for “a special day” or “another time” or “the right set of circumstances.”


Right at the top of the list health and wellness. I will get back on track soon/when I am feeling better/ when I can gather my thoughts/when I can make a plan. Um no. Like I mentioned earlier this year, I have been waiting it out for a decade. It is time. Right now. Imperfect, pulled muscle, up most of the night, worked a full day right now.

Also on the list was truly getting a plan together to move to our “forever house”. Planning the leap is scary and staying in our cozy starter house is easy. But you know what?  We now have a plan. We have a goal and a timeline and a phrase of “eye on the prize” when we start to veer off course.

Next up, was a second stream of income – some mad money if you will. This story is special enough to warrant its own blog post this week. But for this blog, I finally stopped putting it off and said YES. It has already become a blessing.

Another biggie for me was holding on to “stuff” which becomes more than just physical clutter. Holding on to clothes, items, books, etc out of straight fear. Fear I would need them. Fear of losing my security blanket. Fear that my identity was wrapped up in the excess of “things”. We are now purging DAILY and it feels amazing. In fact, my amazing mom and I packed up massive boxes last week. The physical and mental space is freeing beyond belief.


Lastly, my Kate Spade heels. I am no stranger to picking up a well-loved brand. In fact, some (the hubs ahem) might even say it is a problem. BUT once upon a time my mom bought me the most beautiful and perfect Kate Spade pumps I had ever seen and somewhere along the way I convinced myself I needed to wait until I hit a certain size to wear them or they might not look right. I might wear down the heel. And you know what that truly says? That says I felt like something was wrong enough with me that I didn’t enjoy to deserve that splurge  here and now. I was wrong. So unbelievably wrong.


So what does this mean for you? What I hope you will take from this is that even though you may not be where you would like to be physically, financially, emotionally, or whatever the case might be- you HAVE the power to start right now. The power to change right now. And my BIGGEST hope for all of us is that while we change and evolve we do it with intention and with the knowledge that today is a gift. It is special and you deserve to live a BEAUTIFUL life while you work out the kinks. You deserve to treat yourself well while you become the version of you that you want to be. So work hard and kick ass BUT Be kind to yourself. Use the good sheets and the comfy fluffy towels. Cook the beautiful brunch. Take the trip. Wear the heels.


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