Friday Eve

Happy Friday Eve Ya’ll!  Since we will be spending our evening in a haunted escape room (Eeep!) I just wanted to pop in to mention the blog might be quiet for the next couple of days. We are Virginia Beach bound and the little will be participating in his first 10k as a rider. And, while we are at it we are hitting up the beach, Busch Gardens Hallowscream, and getting our Christmas shopping on at the outlets. You can follow my adventures in real time HERE .

And until then, can we just talk about how much crap you have to pack to take a baby anywhere? The hubs and I swore we would pack the bare minimum for him (and I believe we do) but DANG the baby’s bare minimum is almost as bad as mine. 😉 I hope everyone is having a beautiful week. I am planning to hit this vacation healthy style (fingers crossed) so stay tuned for a recap. Until then… wish me luck with this packing! Whew!