Oh No, Honey I’m Good

And meanwhile, since life doesn’t stop while we get it together, I enjoyed a crazy fun weekend in NC with my pal Kristen. We were pretty overdue for a road trip so early Saturday morning we packed up the car and made our way to Charlotte for some fun!


Our hotel was “uptown” Charlotte so we decided to check in and head out on food to find some lunch. This was pretty much a massive mistake on our part because it was FREEZING and Siri did us dirty by taking us the longest walking routes possible. BUT, at least that burned off a few extra pre lunch calories. Am I right? By the time we rolled up to Cowbell we were STARVING.


This was a pretty rad place inside. I’d describe it as a bar with legit good eats, especially for a quick lunch on a Saturday.


Kristen opted for a burger which looked and smelled AMAZING. And, I went the grilled chicken route because “house made pimento cheese”? You shut up. How southern and delicious can you be. And I appreciated the sweet potato tot option. They were dusted in a slightly sweet way which was the perfect combination to the bolder chicken sandwich.


After a bit of exploring we set off to get ready for our show. Gavin Degraw AND Andy Grammer, two of our very favorites, were playing the same venue. Eeeep! We have been to plenty of outdoor shows in Charlotte but this would be our first ever show at The Filmore.


It was standing room only so I dont have a ton of photos from the show though I did take a couple videos on accident that hopefully will never see the light of day! We spent the entire night singing at the top of our lungs, laughing, dancing, and having a generally fantastic time.

The next morning it was up and at em for an early breakfast reservation at BLT Steak!

b7 b10

Being the food nerds we are we were STOKED to go in and finally try this place. BLT Steak is just a couple of doors down from our regular hotel. Pretty much every roadtrip we say, “we should totally try that next time” and then next time rolls around and we forget. Well, not this time yall! It was perfect Eggs Benedict and ridiculously adorable breakfast potatoes for everyone!

b8 b9

Last but not least, we made a stop to clean out Nordstrom and get started on some Christmas shopping. Oh, and buy THE CUTEST Mommy and Me Christmas jammies for me and the little. They are a super secret for now but OMG.


So another fun weekend of memory making is in the books with “the red head”. 😉


Always live happy, never stop exploring, and never ever EVER stop living life just because yours may not look just the way you want it to right now!

#MyWhy – Because I would like to pack for a trip without obsessing “will this fit” or “will this look ok” ? Ugh!


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