Baby Runner

Now that baby A is a bit older and a bit more stable in the holding up his own head department it is officially okay (ie: safe) to go at a full blown running pace with him in the stroller. I wont lie and pretend I am anywhere near a full out running pace right now. However, I am jogging and about to work in run/walk intervals so this timing is really perfect for our little adventures on the trail together.


Truthfully, I just love that the little now stays awake for our walks/runs. I love how interested he is in the trees, ducks, and sounds of the water.


I also love the company. When it comes to working out I am pretty much a one woman show most of the time. I don’t like waiting around on a partner who may or may not flake out or be late. I don’t like adjusting my time for someone’s schedule. I don’t like having to think or be social during my mental break/sweat session for the day. For a long time I felt bad about this but with a little personal development I can admit that it is ok. It is what it is. However, having my little miniature workout pal with me is great! Sometimes we chat, sometimes we pray, and sometimes we just enjoy the silence.


It is also nice to get some practice pushing the stroller while dodging other runners and cyclists and such. We have a 10k (hopefully) coming up in October and I would hate to accidentally take someone out with that thing, you know? 😉 Seriously though, it adds a little something to the workout which I love. Taking a massive hill with a stroller? Heck yes!


Even though I am still, very much, a work in progress I am happy with the direction things are going. And in throwing back to the #MyWhy blog from earlier this week, I thought it might be worth trying to always note a “why” at the end of my daily blog for exactly what is on my mind and heart that day for keeping up the fight. The truth is there are a million reasons to keep after it. And those are what should keep me going during moments of weakness. So today’s #MyWhy – To run a fun 10k with my kiddo and be able to hit the beach afterward.

Until Next Time!!

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