Weekly Weigh In- Week 9

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 9

Date: 5-14-16

Weight- 304.8

Weight Loss/Gain  -1.0

Grand Total Loss 24.2

Total Lost since highest weight 64.2

How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling ok. I think my body is starting to readjust to work life and those 5:00am wake up calls are getting a little easier. Physically I can tell a difference in my stamina. Hills that used to give me trouble are getting easier and easier. I feel confident to tackle bigger and harder walks/jogs. I have a LONG way to go but I definitely see improvements.

How I am feeling emotionally: This process is always full of highs and lows. The last two weeks have definitely been low points. In the past the 2 month point was about where this all started getting old and I started getting really tired of food having calories, writing down all of my bites, and making time to workout every day. I have resolved not to wander down that road. The weirdest thing for me this week that I struggled with is where I am at with my clothing. I am two sizes smaller than last summer (pre pregnancy). So that is two full sizes that need to be weeded out of my closet and sold. Even though in my heart I know I am not going back there it is HARD to let that stuff go because “what if” still follows me around like a shadow and it’s hard. My other issue is I am about to drop another size (woohoo) and everything looks weird on me. Current clothes are too big and the next size down is still too small. I feel like I look sloppy which is the last thing I want. It isnt a bad problem to have but it does mess with my self esteem which, in the past, has caused me to retreat from the entire process. You have to face a lot of weird ugly things with significant weight loss and this is JUST the beginning for me. I have to saddle up and get ready!

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  1. Whitney says:

    Tired of food having calories? I FEEL YOU. I’m in that weird slump too — hoping to break out of it soon. My body is so weird, because I feel totally not interested in food for more than half the day… and then am HANGRY and eat like… everything without bothering to try and make good food choices. So, I’m trying to stick to having a decent breakfast and lunch, but it is hard. Keep it up!

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