Weekly Weigh In – Week 8

** My apologies for the late entries. We had some domain troubles over the weekend and by troubles I mean I forgot to renew it. Ahem. We are all set now! #NewMomProblems**


Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 8

Date: 5-7-16

Weight- 305.8

Weight Loss/Gain  0

Grand Total Loss 23.2

Total Lost since highest weight 63.2

How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling fine. My first week back to work post maternity leave messed with my workout routine a bit so I don’t know that I worked as hard as I have been. I would like to use the next week to establish a new routine. Physically I am ready for more of a challenge but I am just so stinking tired by the end of the day when I have a minute to get my workout in. Time to dig deep yall!

How I am feeling emotionally: Well, my first thought on a zero loss is always “oh shit” its happening again- my weight loss has stalled forever and Ill continue to be fluffy for all of eternity. After I talked myself off that ledge I realized my body had a pretty big loss the week before AND I had been under tremendous stress during the week with getting back to work. I didnt deviate from my plan but I also tried with a little t not a big T. Being accountable for my actions and moving on.

Photo From The Week: