The Weekend Rabbit Hole

Happy Hump Day!!! I had SO intended to get a blog up on Monday about this but life kind of happened. It is my last week of maternity leave so the little and I have been pretty busy. I am already feeling a little emotional about all of this one on one time coming to an end. Whew!

weekendAnyway, today I want to talk about the glorious slice of heaven called the weekend. Would you believe me if I told you, you can literally undo an entire week’s worth of progress in just a couple of days? Well you can. I am already dreading this week’s weigh in because I totally screwed up this weekend. And in the spirit of honesty and full disclosure I am going to tell you about it.

weekend13Things started off innocently enough. This weekend we celebrated the hubs turning the big 4-0. On Friday night a group of us met up at an Escape Room. For those who have never played this game- basically you go to a place that has various rooms set up with clues. You are locked in a room with 10-12 people and you have an hour to use the clues and puzzles to stop the clock and “escape” from the room. It is a LOT of fun and we, of course, killed it having the best team time of anyone to ever play that particular room!

weekend2 weekend4 weekend3

Afterward we went out for a late sushi dinner. I had waited WAY too long to eat so I probably ate approximately one billion calories worth of those little dried noodles placed on the table to much on. The hubs tried to remind me they were nothing but fat and carbs but I pretty much ignored him. FAIL. I also dipped them in sugary sweet and sour sauce DOUBLE FAIL.


The next morning we were in a rush so the hubs picked up bacon egg and cheese biscuits from McDonalds. I literally have not had fast food in over 6 weeks so this was a little like eating a salt lick- a kind of delicious salt like (fast food breakfast is my weakness- truth bomb). I figured it would “all even out”. Ahem. Wrong. My parents were coming into town to celebrate the hubs Birthday so my workout was pretty much all but forgotten. Instead we ditched all responsible things and decided to see The Jungle Book. Yep.

Afterward we came home to….you guessed it- a Birthday cake and gifts for the hubs! The cake was chocolate with buttercream and while I didn’t eat a slab like in the old days, I also didn’t just eat a sliver either.

weekend7 weekend6

We spent lots of quality time with the fam and then headed out to a local steakhouse for dinner. I ordered a typical steak and potatoes meal (should have chosen a smaller steak and healthier side) but it turns out “bad girl-tinis” (yes that is the drink’s real legit name- ugh) impair one’s judgement.



On Sunday we had breakfast with my parents before they left for home which went well enough. For some reason I skipped lunch, napped through my workout, and when I finally had a “oh crap- I need to do something” moment it was too late. We were getting things in order for our Game of Thrones dinner party. I do use the term dinner party loosely as it was really tacos, birthday cake (again- damn you delicious birthday cake) and a couple friends. Although on another note- doesn’t my baby make an extra cute dragon????

weekend10 weekend11

Soooo, cut to Monday morning and I feel like total crap. Physically I feel bloated, heavy, and I have a headache (what’s up dehydration- how you doin?). Mentally, I feel stupid, guilty, and a little irresponsible. I would not call this a binge by any means but it was definitely poor decision making that I totally LET snowball. See, we have control of our actions. Nothing made me do this. I wanted cake more than I wanted to stick with my plan apparently. And in the sober light of Monday that kind of choice making is not ok with me.


I do believe in moderation and happiness. I am not so naive to think Ill go this entire journey without cake or a drink (nor do I want to). But in thinking about this weekend if I had a “do over” I would have skipped the “chips” Friday, gotten in an early morning workout Saturday, had breakfast at home, had a single drink with dinner (where I would have chosen a smaller steak and healthier side) and still had my slice of Birthday cake. Sunday I would have worked out, made sure I was drinking my water, not skip lunch, had a “taco salad” for dinner and skipped Birthday cake part two. Not that I can change it BUT I can change my actions moving forward.

While I am already dreading my Saturday weigh in I know I have nobody to blame but myself. I did learn a good lesson and plan to go into this weekend with my goals in tact. I feel a little bummed but know ultimately one setback isn’t the end of the world. So weekend- I am coming for you!!!!! Watch Out!

Do you have trouble with workouts and eating clean on the weekends? Do you believe in a cheat day?


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