Weekly Weigh In- Week 6

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 6

Date: 4-23-16

Weight- 309.4

Weight Loss/Gain  -1.6

Grand Total Loss 19.6

(Total Lost since highest weight 59.6

How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling rough. I had a couple of REALLY tough workouts this week (both upper and lower body) and holy moly am I feeling it!!! Pretty much everything hurts. BUT yesterday was a rest day and today’s workout will be pretty quick and dirty with our full schedule but tomorrow will be business as usual!

How I am feeling emotionally: I am still working on trusting the process. BUT I am happy and tankful for 6 straight weeks of losses. I dont want to get hyper focused on numbers but that can be very hard with so much to lose. Just taking things one day at a time.

Photo From The Week: