Bestie Birthday 2016

Recently it was pointed out to me that I don’t get personal on the blog these days. And since that is the LAST thing I want to convey I decided to give ya’ll a little peek see into my weekend. The hubs has been SO busy with his ultra marathon training that our Saturday, like most, was spent with the little and I going out for a workout while the hubs was out training followed by the family running errands and going out for dinner. Not exactly the most exciting (although getting an infant through a crowded Chipotle is not joke). Ahem.

IMG_0662On Sunday the hubs FINALLY started race tapering (Can I get an Amen?!?!) so I was headed out for a day of pre-birthday celebration with one of my very best friends- Kristen (or as yall have referred to her before “the redhead”. 😉


Kristen and I have developed our own brand of weird (and by weird I mean awesome) traditions over the years- Antivalentines Day, Bestie Summer Concert Series, and Rock Star Meet and Greets to name just a few. One of our newer things is finding unique/fun wrapping paper for gifts. You might recall the epic paper from my Birthday gifts earlier this year…

birthday birthday2

Anywho- cut to 3 months, 1 baby, and some highlights later and here we are celebrating with sushi wrapping paper for Kris.

IMG_0846 IMG_0856

Ironically, we drove out for Birthday sushi to our second favorite spot since our first favorite is closed on Sunday. But you know what? Ahem. Our second favorite is apparently closed too so it was off for Plan C sushi which as you can see turned out just fine. Mmmm Eel…


Normally Birthday cupcakes follow but, AGAIN, the joint was closed. Can you tell we are small southern town here? Sooooo we went for the next best thing…shopping. We love spending way too much time at TJ Maxx so that is exactly what we did. Shoes anyone? Perhaps a notebook that says “Im So Fancy”. (Spoiler Alert)- that notebook is sitting beside me as we speak.

IMG_0853 IMG_0862

Next up was “The Boss” with Melissa McCarthy. And it was so nice to have a whole responsibility free day to laugh, wear my obnoxious red lipstick, and talk about pretty much everything. I am pretty sure we hit our word quota for the entire week. It was nonstop awesome simple fun and I would have it no other way.

Happy Birthday Kristen!!!! You are loved even more than you know!


How was YOUR weekend?