Weekly Weigh In- Week 5

Weigh In Results Time:

Week: 5

Date: 4-16-16

Weight- 311.0

Weight Loss/Gain  -4.6

Grand Total Loss 18.0

(Total Lost since highest weight 58.0

How I am feeling physically: Physically I am feeling good. I started to push myself a little harder this week and even though I am sore, it’s that good working hard kind of sore. I am feeling capable of stepping things up a little more this week so I can build toward some tougher workouts!

How I am feeling emotionally: I am obviously pleased with this loss. BUT more importantly I am glad I stuck with my plan this week after feeling a little disappointed in last week’s results. Not every week can be an epic loss. The key is not allowing those “down” weeks to put a total derailment in motion (like doing a line of oreos and washing it down with wine- not that I would do that…ahem). 😉 Seriously though, trusting the process can be TOUGH. I am still a work in progress there.

Photo From The Week: