Miles Ahead – Preparing, Training, and Recovering

Happy Thursday Yall!!!  I meant to post this earlier in the week but somehow (ahem) my week has gotten away from me. Personally, I blame this guy….


Luckily, he has been a little more cooperative on the workout front. You might remember me mentioning that I am planing to sign up for the 2017 Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon when registration opens this summer. You might also remember that I barely moved a muscle during my pregnancy so my “training” is starting from scratch and it has to start now. Something as simple as walking 3 miles “at pace” is currently a struggle bus kind of moment so I definitely have my work cut out for me. Luckily, I am not afraid a challenge.

Right now I am headed out to the trail 5-6 days a week with my little guy in tow.


Little by little we are increasing mileage, speed (with my walking- not back to running just yet), and tackling hills. In fact, just yesterday we took on some trails I had been dreading aka avoiding. I am certainly feeling it today but wow was it worth it!!!!

IMG_0671 IMG_0674 IMG_0682

Sometimes I feel a little lame commenting on my workout “pains” when the hubs mileage is at 50+ miles a week. However, he has reassured me (and he is right) that training at the beginning is just as hard and challenging for me as training for the ultra marathon is for him. It really comes down to your own personal journey. It wouldn’t really be fair to that person struggling to walk a mile to look down on their journey just because it is not where I am at. So, I no longer feel silly saying THIS IS the beginning of my half marathon training. You literally have to walk before you can run, right?

IMG_0677 IMG_0683

Shifting my thoughts to think of this as training has really given me a boost. I am taking a no excuses approach and giving my workouts 100%. I am fueling my body well, taking in enough water, and wearing the right gear- please note right doesn’t mean expensive- pinky swear (the right shoes, moisture wicking clothing/socks, and a proper sports bra) . These things all seemed to fall into place pretty naturally. But you know what feels really foreign to me? How to properly recover.

I always thought proper recovery meant taking a rest day when you needed it and refueling properly. I am finding there is a lot more to it than that. Other than eating well and taking in enough water the one thing I watched the hubs do religiously during his ultra marathon training is utilize Epsom Salt. So, when I had the opportunity to try some out- I jumped on it!


San Fransisco Salt Company has tons of cool products but I was most interested in their variety of Epsom Salt-Epsoak. Basically, this product is intended to soothe sore and overworked muscles. Weirdly, it almost feels like it draws out the soreness and lets it go down the drain with your bath water. I used the “Muscle Soak” variety after a recent workout and it legitimately made a difference in how I felt and performed the next day.


Since I am a Epsom Salt newbie I also suggested the hubs use it after one of his 20+ mile runs in place of his usual brand. He loved the smell and potency of this brand and said he felt great afterward. Another big benefit I have seen?? My skin looks/feels amazing!!!  I have also been using the “foot soak” salt almost daily to soothe my tired feet and nurse a stubbed toe/toenail back to health. I also have to admit with a tiny one in the house sleep comes pretty easy but I am a HUGE lavender fan so a bath in the sleep formula before bed= heaven.


Without getting technical (because really I can’t). They use “the good stuff” in their products which is why (I assume) it different than the drug store brand (which I also tried just to be fair).  If you are interested in trying it out, you can order right from their site HERE. This is NOT an affiliate link and I am not compensated for purchases in any way. I just really like the results I have had.

So now I have a better handle on recovery which is great because I have miles and miles and miles ahead.


On Deck For Next Week:

Monday- 3 miles and upper body weights

Tuesday- 2 miles speed work and lower body toning

Wednesday-3 miles hills and upper body weights

Thursday- cross training TBD

Friday- Recovery Walk/Rest

Saturday-3 miles and lower body toning

Sunday- 4 miles

For now, the little and I are off to the trail!! Stay Happy, Healthy, and Strong!!



**I was given product to try from San Fransisco Salt Company but all opinions expressed are my own.