One Main Dish- Three Healthy Ways

Happy Friday!!! Im not sure about your part of the world but here in Virginia the weather has been gorgeous. Well, gorgeous for most of the day and then weirdly windy and rainy for a few minutes here and there. It was so windy yesterday that my Lularoe order blew right off the porch and we had to chase it down in the yard. I just took this as sign that I need to order more things to make the bag heavier….right?? 😉 Anyway, great weather means plenty of great trail outings with the little. In fact, I have worked out everyday since being cleared by the doc. Woohoo! I am taking a no excuses approach to health and weight loss this time around. And to be honest, I love getting out with the baby while I am building up my strength and mileage. Win- Win!

roast5 roast6

Speaking of changes- having a new little person in the house has meant a shift in finances too. The hubs and I were SO bad about wasting leftovers and being a little lazy with dinners dining out several nights in a week.  Even worse, most times we would both grab lunches out on work days which really adds up fast. In fact if both parties spent 10 dollars (give or take) per workday on take out lunches that is 100 dollars per week or 400 per month. Insane! It just seemed like a good place to clip the budget and gain a little health too.

I have really been working on easy recipes as I have mentioned before. One of my favorite new go to gems is an EASY (so so easy) crock pot recipe from Skinny Taste for Balsamic Pork Roast. The only two changes I make to the recipe as shown is using 2 smaller 1 pound (ish) pork loins rather than a roast and using a touch more honey than called for. It makes a pork perfect for sandwiches or wraps (which is how the hubs prefers to eat it). However, here is how I chose to make 3 different and healthy meals from one roast.

Night 1: Roast and Potatoes

On the day I made the roast we just enjoyed it straight out of the pot with a side of organic Alexia fries( baked). This happened to be grocery shopping day or else we would have done a salad or veggie side. It was easy, filling, and calorie controlled.


Day 2: Lettuce Cups

The following day I used the reheated roast as the base for some Mediterranean inspired lettuce cups. I used a veggie slaw as the base with a touch of feta, topped that with pork, Mandarin oranges, and chopped cashews. So so good and MUCH healthier than takeout.

roast3 roast4

Day 3: Nachos

On the last day I decided to turn the balsamic pork into nachos. We often joke that I can turn any leftover dinner meat into nachos. The only thing that changes is the toppings. For these I used whole grain chips topped with warm pork. For the “fixings” I used chopped bell peppers, shredded carrots, lettuce, roma tomatoes, some chipolte cheddar cheese- grated, and a dollop of sour cream. I was able to get in a few servings of veggies, use up ALL of the remaining leftovers, and save a few dollars on lunch… And PS: It was my favorite meal of the three.


It feels good to be less wasteful and reallocate those funds funds to where they can be better utilized. Plus homemade is better than quick take out all day every day! And with that, I am off to get ready for some weekend goodness. Have a Happy Healthy and Strong weekend!!