Lightening Up

Spring always feels like the time to lighten up and make changes. At least that has always been the case for me. The truth is after 9 months of a difficult pregnancy and a not so smooth birth and recovery I have been really feeling the urge to lighten my load . The last couple of weeks have been full of positive steps in that direction.

First, I literally lightened up when I got my locks chopped and some blonde put in. I always joke that summer is the time to “Go Blonde Or Go Home”. The hubs isn’t so sure about the new look but I am loving it. I didn’t realize just how much time I was putting into my super long hair. I may grow it out again as the little gets older but for now time is precious and I am loving my lower maintenance summer do!


Next up- I am officially 4 weeks postpartum (what?!??) and got the official ok from my doc to ease back into physical activity. Let me just tell you, I have never been so excited to be told to exercise in my life. For real. I was so sick during the pregnancy that I barely went out for walks. Workouts were pretty much unheard of and since I started to feel a bit better post birth I have been DYING to get back out there. My doctor was sure to tell me I was cleared to ease back in not jump back in full force. Sooooo, the little and I have been slowly building my mileage on the trail. Oh how I have missed that trail!!!!


He loves the stroller ride and I love the fresh air! I also don’t mind the calorie burn. (And the bonus calorie burn for pushing my partner along-literally!!).


Being back on the trail also gave me the perfect excuse to try out my new “Darn Tough” * socks. Darn Tough is a Vermont based brand who produces performance socks for men, women, and kids. When the hubs (who is training for an ultra marathon) saw I had been sent a pair to review he knew exactly whey were and what they did.  Basically, these socks are where it’s at when it comes to running/hiking/working out.  Darn Tough uses the best merino wool and no cheap fillers (think cashmere versus cashmere “blend” on a sweater) to make their socks. They are durable and so tough they have a lifetime warranty (LOVE!). They have a variety of sizes and heights which is great as I prefer an ankle sock for running but something over the calf for fall walks/hikes. They are also careful to state the sheep sheared for this process are treated humanely and ethically- they do not practice mulesing (EXTRA LOVE).  My pretty pink Darn Tough socks snuggled my feet in just right and still felt amazing after several wash and wears. I am looking forward to picking up a few more pair before my half marathon training begins!


Lastly, I was pretty excited to discover I am down 2 full pant sizes from the summer Aiden was conceived last June. Literally none of my old pants fit and when I went in to replace them I was pretty shocked that the next size down didn’t either!! Since I don’t want to waste a ton of money on pants I will be shrinking out of in a few months I just bought the minimum to make it through the summer. Instead I focused on dresses that will be a bit easier to transition or tailor. It was certainly a self esteem boost and lightened my mood tremendously.


This week I am looking forward to increasing my miles and getting back to the gym (while the little is with the hubs). I am also ready (I think) to start taking some progress pictures. If this year has taught me anything it is that hiding from your fears and insecurities does nothing but feed them. I am feeling so confident about taking on this weight loss and healthy living challenge head on! It’s time.

Until Next Time- Stay Happy, Healthy, and Strong!


*Darn Tough provided me with a product to review but the opinions expressed were my own. This is not an affiliate link.