Happy Easter- And a Lesson Learned

Whew! Is anyone else feeling like they are dragging a little after the holiday weekend? It was a BUSY holiday at the Running In Pink Project household. On Saturday the hubs and I were lucky enough to escape for a few hours (thanks to my parents who were in town and ALL too happy to babysit) to catch the Batman versus Superman movie. The hubs LOVED and I liked it pretty well also- even though it kind of wore me out (very quick with a lot to take in). I do have to say it was pretty rad finally seeing Wonder Woman making an appearance. I happen to have a soft spot for the brunette hero!

wonder woman

After the movie we raced home to spend some time with my parents. They pretty much showed the Easter Bunny what was up and brought gifts for everyone. They especially spoiled Aiden who had zero space left in his basket.


I might have gotten a bit spoiled myself (yes I still get a basket from my parents and YES I know it’s weird). 😉


We had early dinner reservations (all things early with a newbie) so we dressed Aiden in one of his precious new Easter outfits and set out for a local steak and seafood place.


It was so nice just to sit and catch up with my family, laugh, and make some memories.

Easter14 easter15 easter16

This is also where my meal planning started to derail a little…errr a lot. I made a decent choice by getting a steak and crab cake dish with veggies (and making sure to box up half for another time) but I am pretty sure the white wine sangria and eclair bowl completely undid my efforts.  I do subscribe to the “all things in moderation” theory but I just kind of felt like it might be a bit too soon into my journey to be making such allowances. Live and learn I guess!

easter17 easter18

The next morning, the hubs and I enjoyed some coffee and some time as a couple before the madness started.


However, it was not long before the little was up and ready to face the day with a smile!


He was totally unimpressed by his Easter haul but that’s ok- we know next year he will be tearing into his basket like a champ!


I spent the morning and early afternoon cooking. I really enjoy pulling out my grandmother’s old recipes on holidays so our menu was a coca-cola ham, old school baked mac and cheese (a family favorite), green beans, creamed corn, soft rolls and (or course) a strawberry cake.

Easter2 Easter10 Easter12

We had another wonderful day with my parents and, of course, showing the baby his first holiday “on the outside” 🙂


Even though I skipped the cake, measured my portions, and logged my food I still felt a bit heavy as the day wore on. After spending the evening at a potluck (where I grazed but didn’t eat a meal) and egg hunt the hubs and I had a frank conversation about diets and holidays. For those who don’t know the hubs lost 50+ pounds last year and is training for his first ULTRA marathon (34 miles!!!!!). Anyway, he said something that hit the right note with me- sometimes we have to make hard and less fun choices to reach our goals but easy doesn’t really get us anywhere. #TruthBombAlert. While I did make an effort this weekend it was effort with a “little e” so to speak. I might not have derailed the train but I did ice the tracks a little. I feel like it was a valuable learning tool for moving forward. At the end of the day the important parts of this weekend had NOTHING to do with the meals. I am just so thankful for time with my spouse, baby, parents, and good pals. Those are the things that matter.

And speaking of family- I want to end with happy 1 month wishes to my sweet baby Aiden. Our miracle baby is holding his own pacifier, recognizing his mom and dad, and loves bottles, soft blankets/lovies, and snuggles. I desperately want to remember his precious “hungry face”, his baby burrito look, and how beautiful his gummy smile is! I can’t wait to see what month 2 brings!!! We love you “Aiden Punch”!


How was YOUR Easter Weekend?