Plus Size Truths- Why I Won’t Miss “Shopping For My Size”

Can you believe we are just a few days away from Easter? I can’t. It seriously feels like we barely had a winter and now here we are welcoming Spring with open arms! Whether I attend a religious service over the Easter holiday or not, I have always enjoyed the tradition of buying and wearing an “Easter dress”. Basically, something pastel and frilly that screams YES SPRING I AM READY FOR YOU!!!!! For example, this is what I picked up for Easter weekend last year.

Easter 2015

I kind of lucked out with that dress. This year that has not been the case- ahem. Three returns later I have my “hail Mary” dress in route. Hopefully it will work. If not, I might be busting out last year’s gem. In the grand scheme of things this is no big deal, really. I am not trying to pretend that it’s a struggle when I know there is real struggle in the world. This is such a small small thing but it is part of my reality. This situation got me me thinking about a topic near and dear to me- fashion. It also got me thinking about a not so beloved topic- dressing for my size. This is something I definitely WILL NOT miss as my weight loss journey continues.

To be totally honest, the term “dressing for your size” actually makes me a little bananas. I mean, what does that even mean? I’d love to tell you that curvier/bigger/etc women can wear whatever they want and feel 100% confident (and for those who truly can my hat is tipped to you- for real) but that is not normally the case- at least not for me. I have kind of spent the last few years in this weird place struggling between wanting to be fashionable and wanting to feel comfortable and appropriate in my clothing. In a nutshell- It sucks. I seriously LONG for the day where I can pick out something to wear based solely on preference and not have to worry if it covers my chubby upper arms, hits low enough on the leg, is long enough to camouflage my hips. Ugh. Some might ask why I don’t just work on being confident in the “skin Im in” currently. Honestly?  It is because deep down inside I KNOW I wouldn’t truly mean it.

Obviously, I am working toward a healthy body that can confidently sport the sort of outfits and fashion I covet. In the meantime, here is how I have handled my “plus size fashion” over the last few years.

Maxi Dresses– I feel like these guys never go out of style and they hide a multitude of sins. Basically they are the holy grail of dresses- hiding all of the flaws and accenting all of the positives. Plus I have always found it easy peasy to dress them up or down. I genuinely love a maxi dress but wish it was more of an option rather than necessity.

may 2014 2

aug 2014

Fit and Flair– See Above! Again, this style is a curvy girl’s dream. A dress that flairs out in all the right spots to hide my problem areas. I will take one in every color…and I pretty much have. Ahem. I do dream of the day a good sheath dress or fitted pencil skirt will find its way into my world.

summer 2013 july 2014

Cardigans– Ugh. I love a good cardigan but once my arms are toned I am going to have a serious cardigan bonfire at my house. Right now I am a four seasons cardigan girl. Cardigans cover chubby arms, chubby waists, and can help create a shape where there kind of isn’t one. While a cute cardigan makes a fun fall outfit  trust me when I tell you it is no fun to sport one in the dead of summer at a concert or outdoor event (or Disney). Looking forward to ditching them for a few months every year.

Boston 2015 may 2014 oct 2014

Accessories: Ok, I will never give these up. Accessories are my jam. However using them to enhance rather than distract will be a nice change!

Winter 2015

Layers: This one is pretty self explanatory. Piling on the layers sometimes distracts from the not so flat stomach and not so small booty. Do it incorrectly and it makes those things worse. It really is a crappy delicate balance I could do without.

Fall 2014

Not Giving a S**t What Other People Think: And, when all else fails sometimes you just have to do what feels good and wear what you like (and yes I know this whole post has been about how I don’t really do that- most days I don’t). Ive definitely purchased an outfit or two (looking at you pink jeans and short dress) that are likely not considered “dressing for my size”. I do my best but sometimes my inner voice tells my inner doubts to suck it and we end up buying these things anyway. And I love them. I wish I were a little more confident so that my inner fashion voice won out more often. I am working on it!

july 2015 may 2014 3 may 2015

At the end of the day I have found a fashion compromise I am happy with. BUT I don’t want to compromise anymore. I want to shop for stripes without concern, not pay extra for the exact same pants in a larger size (ugh), not have to search far and wide for the right outfit. I just want the outside to reflect the inside. And, it will.

In the meantime- here are some of my favorite sites for finding curvy girl fashion. They really are the best of the best and at least give me a shot at dressing the way I would like. Enjoy!!

SWAK- Sealed With a Kiss Designs *

Mod Cloth *

Old Navy

Macys (INC Collection)


*Contains Affiliate Links

Do you believe in “dressing for one’s size”? Why or why not?




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    You really do have some of the cutest clothes! You rock it 🙂 I also love that two back-to-back photos were in front of the Cow Fish shopping area! Haha

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