Get Naked

As it turns out life doesn’t schedule all fun events to fall on a higher calorie or cheat day. Yup, it’s true. Life is kind of a bitch like that. So that is how I found myself on Day 1 of my new weight loss/health agenda with chicken wings in my face. Sigh.

qingsOh how I wish I was the person who truly preferred (or was at least really great at pretending to prefer) a bowl of quinoa and greens to a plate of spicy wings. Deep down I know I will never be that person. Sorry!  But I also feel that wings are more of a once in a while tailgating with friends type thing and not a random Wednesday type thing. So no matter what the cool kids  were eating I knew wings were not on my agenda tonight.

One might wonder how chicken wings even managed to be a point of discussion on a Wednesday night. It turns out I got a last minute invite to hit up Buffalo Wild Wings with some pals and watch the hockey game. I really loved going to see the Tampa Bay Lightening play when I was visiting Tampa on the regular. I have very loosely been keeping up with them ever since. And they juuuuust happened to make it into the Stanley Cup Finals and that juuuuust happened to start tonight.

hockeyThe first point I want to make here is never ever ever ever ever ever turn down social time because you are worried about “what will I eat?”. For real- listen to what I am saying here. You really want to keep living your life while you lose weight. Whether you are on a 20 or 200 pound journey- not living (and not facing real life scenarios) is doing you no favors. Believe. it.

So of course I agreed to hang out and watch the game. Now, just because you don’t allow food to be in charge that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be prepared in some sense. I considered eating before going out (totally fine option by the way) but I had quick meet up with a friend and wouldn’t really have the chance. So I just kept things really simple.

1. No alcohol (lots of empty calories and you somehow end up with cheese fries. what?)

2. Keep the food simple.

There were not a ton of good (for my plan) options where I was so I finally settled on naked tenders (basically grilled chicken tenders) and a low sugar/lower calorie dipping sauce. For me, this worked. I still munched during the game but stayed well within my calorie range. Now don’t get confused and think I believe this was healthy- it wasn’t. The sodium content was off the charts and there was not a veggie to be found BUT in working with what I had it was high protein, low fat, and low sugar/carb (due to being later in the evening). It was also tasty enough.

wings (400x364)This got me thinking- when in doubt keep that food naked. By that I mean get something simple without the bells and whistles (ie:  be leery of things stacked with cheese, sauces, fried toppings, etc). That way, even when the choice isn’t ideal, it is not a day wrecker. And as for the real wings… eh maybe when football season rolls around!

Stay Happy, Healthy, and Strong Yall!