The Week That Snow Wasted

How has a week slipped by without a post? Can I just blame it on the weather? This snow, ice, and cold is making me grumpy. I did hear a rumor that Spring is on the way….

First things first- my weigh in. I lost a big fat ZERO pounds this week. I am not surprised or upset by this. My general laziness (and yes I have been a total lazy pants this week) combined with losing nearly 5 pounds last week is what got me here. I immediately straightened myself back up, got back to workouts, and returned to meal planning. I did not come this far to only come this far. I am currently gunning for that 50 pound milestone (just 5 pounds to go) and then setting my eye on a new prize!! And speaking of prizes, I want to be able to wiggle into these pink jeans by summer without looking like a busted can of biscuits. It’s happening.

Women's The Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans - PINK FOR EVANext up, can we have a conversation about the cuteness of Old Navy’s socks these days? You know it’s a slow week when bunny socks are the highlight but I love these.

IMG_4040 (400x300)Anyway, in an attempt to get back on track I went on a little fitness shopping spree in Target (yall know I love some Target). Anyway, it was like fate as they had just put out their new Orla Kiely for Target items. I nabbed this CUTE yoga/gym back and a glass water bottle. I was getting a little weird about taking plastic in my hot yoga class so problem solved. Bonus points that it color coordinates.

IMG_4050 (400x400)I also started getting things in the mail that I might have ordered during Snowmageddon 2015 during that endless week that we never left the house. I did swoon a little when my short purple UGGs arrived. They are pretty adorable I have to say.

IMG_4019 (300x400)But it hasn’t been all online shopping and being bitter about the cold. I have managed to whip up some healthy items over the last week. I am also excited that (I think) I have finally perfected my Kale Chip recipe after COUNTLESS fails and will posting that soon. YAY!!

IMG_4075 (400x400) IMG_4058 (300x400) IMG_4077 (400x400)And that’s all I’ve got for now. Stay Warm and Sweat Happy! I’m out!

What are you up to this weekend????