Once Upon A Snow Storm

Happy Monday!!!! Did you have as much trouble as I did getting back into the work week groove today??? Thank goodness for coffee is all I can say!

IMG_3096 (400x400)I think this crazy weather is partly to blame for my Monday blues. Like I mentioned last week it has been snow, snow, and more snow here in Virginia. We were pretty much snowed in for several days straight. That can start to drive a girl crazy…. Exhibit A-

snow5Luckily on Saturday morning I got a bit of a reprieve. Even though there was another big snow on the way we made the slow icy trip to Target (lame I know) just to get out of the house for a bit. Have you ever wondered what the Target parking lot looks like in snow storm?? Well wonder no more. 😉

snow7After being stuck indoors for days on end this seriously felt like Christmas morning. I was way too happy to be buying tape, DVDs and juice. I needed nothing and yet managed to spend $60.00. I am pretty sure Target is a witch.

Since we were already out and about the hubs and I headed downtown for an early lunch and human contact. There are loads of people who live downtown so it was actually pretty busy Saturday and nice to be social.

snow10 snow12 snow11I got to bust out my knitted UGGs which is always a good time. I don’t care how much that trend dies down- I will always have a special place in my heart for UGGs. #Basic 😉 And speaking of UGGs I had a little NSV- Non Scale Victory this weekend. My boots slipped up over my calves like a champ and stayed put! No jerking them up every five minutes because they had no choice but to buckle under the pressure of my chubby calves. It was a nice feeling- one of many to come I hope!

snow8After lunch we really had no choice but to go home. Ice was on the way and we didn’t want to risk being safe for a few minutes out. We may have hit a wine store downtown to stock up before the journey home though. And remember that cabin fever I was talking about? It causes a serious case of the sillies which means laughing like fools at your “wine chilling system” in the yard.

snow9Our neighbors invited us over for game night and we spent hours and hours laughing and playing cards. It was definitely nice to slow down the pace for a weekend.

snow4 snow3Sunday the hubs and I decided to be productive on our last “snow day”. We cleaned our little house tippy top to bottom and I made a hearty and healthy dinner of apricot chicken, green beans, and brown rice. Not a bad way to end the weekend!

snow6I made it a point to track every bite this weekend and stay within my allotted Points Plus range. While my workouts have been a bit on the sad side I am looking forward to this week’s weigh in and really really looking forward to getting back to regular workouts!

As for tonight I am off to create a new Black Bean and Corn Fritter Recipe! Until Next Time!!