I Heart Friday

Happy Friday and almost Valentine’s Day!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive week. I am kicking my feet up after an AMAZING yoga class this evening.  I actually managed to get in solid workouts 4 out of 5 work days this week so I am calling that a win!

Monday- 2 Miles (Speed)

Tuesday – 3 Miles

Wednesday -3 Miles (Hills)

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Bikram Yoga 90 minutes


I also managed to somehow score some sweet Valentines swag even though I am technically not a celebrator of the holiday. Let me explain- I actually LOVE Valentine’s Day (and have spent more V-Days than not in a “coupling” of some kind) but I just don’t think it is a romantic day. I have tried (really) but just can’t get on board. Forced fun and mandatory romance kind of rub me the wrong way.  But seriously, bring on the pink glitter and hearts all day long because I love love love it. And for those who do find it romantic- I support you 120% but it’s just not my jam. I do however always spend time with my anti-valentine Kristen and send a little gift to the folks. This year they sent me some calorie free goodies in return in the form of some delicious smelling philosophy wash/cream and some sweet jams. Perfect!

v2The hubs also happened to give me a gift this week (not actually Valentines related) in the form of a pink camelbak. I mentioned that training for another ½ marathon was a long term goal of mine and he jumped right in with the support. Swoon.

vIn other Valentines news- how cute is my dog in her Valentines dress? I accept that I am one of “those people” but I cannot even deal with how cute she is. I seriously need a baby to mother to give this dog a break!

v4Also, Can we have a conversation about how on point Target has been with their valentine merchandise this year? I am seriously going to need a new cabinet for all of the cute heart bowls, mugs, and cups I have been hoarding. It’s a problem.

IMG_3632 (400x400) IMG_3580 (400x400) IMG_3585 (300x400) IMG_3165 (400x400)And Finally, (I suppose in the spirit of Valentine’s Day) Is anyone seeing Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend? Apparently everyone I know is either totally on board or totally opposed to this movie. I don’t think there is any middle ground to be had here. And am I seeing it??? Oh I will never tell. 😉

v6Happy Valentine’s Weekend!!!! Don’t let cheap candy derail your diet (make sure its the good stuff first…kidding…..sort of). Xoxo