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Why hello Monday…. We meet again. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. The hubs and I traveled to WV for some family, fun, and food (check out my beautiful mom cooking!!)

IMG_2413 (400x400) IMG_2423 (400x400) IMG_2433 (400x400)I definitely kept my promise on Thanksgiving and practiced portion control, mindful eating, and kept my eye on the prize. Health > Mashed Potatoes y’all. It is true.

inspire2Did anyone else do any shopping over the weekend? I hate myself just a little for always getting sucked into the Black Friday madness. However, my mom and I had a really great time hitting up the mall and searching for our steals and deals. My favorite Black Friday find was some awesome new sheets for $11.99 at Belk. I think this means I am getting old. Ahem.

IMG_2439 (400x400) thanks4 Anyway, the hubs and I headed back to Virginia on Saturday and I finished up my Christmas shopping during Small Business Saturday.

IMG_2387 (400x400)We spent an afternoon hitting the local shops downtown and picking up goodies. I love the idea of spending local and helping our little community thrive.

IMG_2454 (300x400) IMG_2455 (300x400) IMG_2457 (300x400) IMG_2461 (400x400)As I was finding those perfect gifts for others I also picked up a little gift for me…a 10 class pass to the Bikram Yoga studio. It is definitely time for me to kick my workouts up a notch and now that I have some precious dollars invested there is no turning back!

IMG_2453 (300x400)Annnnd that pretty much sums up my weekend. We won’t talk about the Dallas Cowboys losing huge on Thanksgiving or the 3 hour nap I took on Sunday. We will just stick with the high points like snow…Oh how I loved seeing the beautiful snow back home!

IMG_2417 (400x400) IMG_2445 (400x400)But now we are back in reality mode, work mode, and real life mode. And I know I have been going on and on for a while about getting geared up for another round of weight loss. I have been resting on the success of this summer for WAY. TOO. LONG.

IMG_2473 (400x400)As proud as I am and as exciting as that was- I don’t want to be writing one of those sad blog posts on December 31 about how “next year is my year”. That is the blog I will avoid writing at all costs!!!! So, I decided to put my motivation where my mouth is and get started right away.

voice-head-liarLuck and life sent a little blessing my way in that a friend of mine was kicking off a free 5 day “Clean Eating Kick Start” group so I joined up. I stocked up on lean meat, tons of fruit and veggies, organic eggs, yogurt, rolled oats, etc etc. I also made sure to keep plenty of water on hand.

IMG_2400 (300x400)It always feels good to start a new program but I know this is the start of so much more for me. I will be resuming weekly weigh-ins and looking to drop 15-20 pounds before December ends (yeah I said it- I have a lofty numerical goal). There will be no looking back on December 31st for me with a sad panda face wishing I hadn’t wasted the month away. Oh No. There is no time like the here and now.  I have my determined pants on…hopefully I will need to have them taken in soon. 😉


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  1. Kristen K. says:

    Great post! I’m feeling the same way about my workout situation – I have been dragging my feet about joining a gym for months now and I really need to do it! I’d love to feel healthier and stronger by the end of December, especially since my next half marathon training starts in two weeks. Good luck and have fun at yoga!
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