Happy Healthy Thanksgiving

Brrrrrrrr. Is it snowing outside your front door today? Hopefully you are staying warm and cozy- preparing for a fun/relaxed/festive/insert your own adjective here holiday weekend. I love love love the holidays-there truly is nothing like them. Unfortunately, so many choose to put their fitness goals on hold this time of year. If I had a dollar for every time I heard (or said) the phrase “I will get on track after the holidays” I would be one rich lady. Just for fun I spent some time looking up how many calories the average American consumes on Thanksgiving. Any guesses? The average is 3,500. Let that sink in for a minute. I’ll wait.

thanks2That amount of calories is equivalent to SIX Big Macs. You likely wouldn’t sit and eat that in one sitting so what is it about Thanksgiving that gets everyone in “eat all the food” mode? I could sit here with a chart about eating “this not that” or “tips and tricks” for a healthy Thanksgiving but what it comes down to is this…..

thanks3There is no magic tip or secret trick to staying healthy during the holidays. Deep down we all know what needs to be done- make good choices, eat in moderation, and throw in a workout if you can. Enjoying the holidays is about so much more than what is on your dinner plate. I still have a long way to go with my weight loss journey BUT this lesson I have learned. You are worth the effort- truly you are. So set your mind to success mode and have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day.

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