All The Things

Settle in folks- It is update time!!

Happy Monday Ya’ll! I seriously hope all of my readers didn’t ditch me while I was on vacation. I had every intention of blogging from Florida but once I went “offline” for a couple of days- it felt great. So, executive decision was to catch up on the old blog when I got home. To be honest, vacation was wonderful. Florida was a bit rainy but we had more sun than clouds and I honestly have no complaints. We spent half of the week in Tampa and the other half in Orlando aka Disney central. While I have a couple of things I want to recap- including a Run Disney event- I think the rest of vacation is better summed up with the old adage- a picture is worth a thousand words!!

We had Beaches…

IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1270 IMG_1276 IMG_1284 IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1293 IMG_1307Delicious Food…

IMG_1319 IMG_1342 IMG_1350 IMG_1129 IMG_1131 IMG_1475 IMG_1586 IMG_1152Workouts (to work off said delicious food)…

IMG_1138 IMG_1294 IMG_1329 IMG_1787 IMG_1790Plenty of Disney…

IMG_1371 IMG_1379 IMG_1386 IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1416 IMG_1425 IMG_1427 IMG_1482 IMG_1485 IMG_1497 IMG_1511 IMG_1525 IMG_1563 IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1568Fun with Harry Potter…

IMG_1740 IMG_1739 IMG_1738 IMG_1737 IMG_1722 IMG_1717And Lots of time to relax and be silly too…

IMG_1170 IMG_1212 IMG_1349 IMG_1483 IMG_1692And now we are back in reality…sort of. It actually took a full five days of being back at work to get myself back on any sort of real schedule. My eating habits have been terrible, water intake dismal, and general motivation in the dumps. I hate, hate, hate that I let vacation become an excuse to get lazy but that is where we are. Luckily, I am not letting this turn into a full blown derailment and I have

  1. Made A Meal Plan
  2. Made A Workout Schedule
  3. Food Shopped/ Prepped

for the week. I am also planning on getting back to my weekly weigh-ins and reports ASAP because THAT is what keeps me honest. Just saying. I am ready to take off another 40 pounds. It’s time. Also, am I the only one that HEARTS some good stationary and notebooks for keeping track of “all the things” ? Seriously- I am obsessed.

IMG_1103And speaking of workouts, color me excited about my new Under Armour kicks!!! You might recall (probably not –teehee) that I reviewed a freebie pair of shoes from Under Armour a couple falls back. They totally made a loyal customer out of this girl. I am still just as jazzed about the shoes as I was then. If another company can offer up a light shoe with a roomy toe box and maximum cushioning that could out perform these– I would love to see it. Consider yourself challenged. 😉 I bought these at the outlet for around half of the retail price. I was THRILLED.

IMG_1893It is cold, cold, cold here. So this means the trial is clearing up a bit. Woohoo!!! It also means I am going to have to put my gym membership to use. If anyone can recommend a good beginners plan for strength training/toning pass it my way!

In other life news- guess who had something to celebrate this weekend? The hubs and I have made it through 7 exciting and wonderful years of marriage. The rain totally derailed our plans so we spent the weekend just hanging out. We caught a movie (Maze Runner was pretty rad), had a couple yummy meals, and (probably my favorite part of the weekend) took off for a rainy drive on the parkway. We snapped photos, stopped at some little gift shops/lodges along the way and generally had a wonderful weekend.

IMG_1820 IMG_1818 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1885And since it has been awhile- a progress photo. This might be where I am now but I am headed for healthier pastures!

IMG_1823That’s all I got!

Tell me your fall plans!! Halloween parties? 5Ks? Pumpkin Patch? I am loving all things fall.