Tuesday Eats, Moves, and Smiles

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!! This week is seriously creeping by. I am sure that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am beach bound in just a few days. Right?? I will be headed to lovely VA Beach to get my paws on one of these medals..Well the 5k version anyway.

vaIn other totally unrelated news, apparently it is National Dog Day. I didn’t know this was a thing BUT I will not have my fur babies unrepresented in the zillions of cute pup photos on Facebook tonight so Happy National Dog Day Carrie and Harlow! One might argue it is always dog day in my house but hey, any excuse for a cute photo.

bry8 (400x400)So, lately I have been getting a lot of questions about what I eat on a typical day. Soooo I decided to do a little photo diary of my meals today. I need to preface this by saying there is WAY more processed food on here than I eat on a normal day. We are in fridge purging mode for vacation (our house sitter prefers to bring their own food) so this is a mish mosh of random items. I will do this again on a more typical day but as for today I had the following:

Breakfast: 2 Organic Boiled Eggs, 8 Oz Organic Berry Juice, 1 Bagel Thin w Cream Cheese

day7Lunch: 1 Organic Chicken Patty, Pineapple, Organic Tortilla Chips, Black Bean Hummus

day6Snack: 1 Coconut Water, Almonds

Dinner: Unsweetened Applesauce and a homemade organic version of “hamburger helper” made with browned organic grass fed beef, onion, and fresh tomatoes poured into a prepared box of Annie’s Organic Shells and Cheese.

day2 day1After work today I hit up the trail for 2 miles but ended up going 5. It felt JUST like fall today. I could have stayed out there until dark. It truly felt amazing!!


I even ran into this little guy while I was out and about.

day5I am pretty much exhausted and not at all embarrassed to admit that tonight I am going to be glued to my TV watching Pretty Little Liars and thumbing through this gem.

day8Thinking happy thoughts of fall and totally not thinking about my weigh in tomorrow. 😉 Ok, thinking about it a little.

That’s all I got! Goodnight!!

How was your workout today??


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