Baby You’re A Firework….. Part 2

How is it already Wednesday? Seriously!? I cannot believe the ridiculousness that has been this week. I also can’t believe I have not caught you up on the copious amount of awesome that was this past weekend! Agh!!

Kristen and I packed up the wonderbug Sunday and headed down to Raleigh, NC. Just like last weekend it was prefect road tripping weather!

k1 k3And what had us all smiles??? Katy Perry tickets of course!

k2While my love for Britney Spears continues to trump all- Katy is WAY up there on my pop star puffy heart list. I can often be found singing Katy jams in my car. I have even seen her in concert before with my pal Siobhan.

Needless to say Kristen and I were pretty excited. After a couple hours of rocking out to Katy jams in the car we made it to Raleigh and our firs stop….Cowfish (yes, again). 😉

k4Kristen and I have a fool proof system for Cowfish. We split an appetizer, a side, and a sushi roll. We get the best of all delicious worlds.

k5k6After a lovely lunch full of laughs and delicious food we checked in our hotel and headed straight to the show….after some sunglasses selfies.

k7 k8 k9The PNC arena was PACKED.

k10 k11I cannot say enough good things about the Prismatic World Tour. Katy was so gorgeous it was ridiculous.

k20She sings every note live and is incredible!

k13 k18Her show is colorful, random, and so much fun. I dare you to go and not smile the entire way through it. And I double dare you to make it through without singing and shaking your booty!

k16 k15 k19Even if Katy is not your cup of tea- you at least have to give her props for jumping rope- in the dark- in heels! Get it girl!!!

k14Another memory making trip with one of my best girls!

Are you a Katy Perry Fan?

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