6 Miles and Other Tales From The Weekend

Over the weekend I hit a very excited milestone in my efforts to kick my workouts up a few notches. I have been going out on many 3 and 4 mile runs but decided it was time to reintroduce the weekend “long run” into the mix. Obviously, safety and ability come in to play here so I set my sights on a solid 6 miles Saturday morning.

runI was actually pretty excited Saturday morning and I fueled up for my run with organic waffles, organic maple syrup, and a banana. It has been quite some time since I was this jazzed to workout. I really love that feeling!

60 (400x300)Then I headed over to the trail. The temperature was pretty comfortable when I started and I was feeling pretty strong. Truthfully, I had no real plan for the run other than to finish, walk when I needed to, and run as much as possible.

61 (300x400)The trail is marked in 0.25 increments. Each time I hit a mile marker I made it my goal to run as much as I could without a walking break. As a result I ended up running over half of my 6 miles which is really quite a feat for me!

w20 (300x400)I also managed to see a LOT of the trail and parks as I made my way along.

62 (300x400) 63 (300x400) 65 (400x300) 66 (300x400) 67 (400x300) 68 (300x400) 69 (400x300) 74 (400x300)This is probably my favorite part.

70 (400x300) 71 (400x300) 72 (300x400)Other than the end obviously.  (Obligatory sweaty finish photo).

76 (300x400) Afterward I did not experience any knee or ankle pain (miracle) and my feet were feeling great too. Of course, after sitting through a mani/pedi and then with the hubs at X-Men I was just a little stiff later in the evening.

X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-Cast-poster-570x829Luckily there was no running on the agenda Sunday. Just a swim workout (and yes I never cease to be amazed at the great workout a proper swim can produce) and some laying around at the lake.

77 (400x300) 78 (400x400) 79 (300x400) 80 (300x400)All in all the perfect mix of workouts and relaxation!

How was your weekend workout?


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      Me too!!! Her show is my favorite. And I am totally jealous of the rad new sports bran from VS you got to review! How fun!! 🙂

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