Long Weekends Are The Best Weekends

YAY!! We made it to the long weekend!!! My parents will soon be on their way to Virginia for an early Easter lunch (Saturday) so I will be spending my night prepping as much food as I can so tomorrow I am not racing around in a stone cold panic.One thing NOT on my menu…..Smeeps! Stupid addictive smeeps ruined me last spring!

DSC04630 (400x300) DSC04633 (400x300)Easter has always been one of my favorite times of year. Check out 5 year old me hanging with the Easter Bunny himself.

e1My mother assures me I was not terrified on this occasion though my face says otherwise. 😉 Luckily, the only thing I am afraid of this Easter is putting back on some of the weight I lost last week!!! I have already set my mind to staying on plan NO MATTER WHAT. The goal is to see at least a two pound loss this week.

e3Of course, I made this even harder on myself by agreeing to a night away with the hubs at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

Front entrance, Greenbrier e5 e6They have a zillion restaurants on site and amazing everything to eat there. Truly. I am glad to report we have booked a few activities for our getaway and plan on LOTS of walking and photographing. So, the hope is we will switch the focus off of food. We even booked a tour of the formerly secret bunker under the hotel. Built in 1958 the bunker was kept in a constant state of update and “readiness” by a small group of government employees. It was only decommissioned in 1992 after an article written in the Washington Post exposed its whereabouts. Crazy right? You can read more about the bunker HERE. No photos or videos are allowed inside the bunker facility but the hubs is STOKED to see it and I am excited to see it as an adult. Something tells me my 16 year old self didn’t appreciate how cool it was. But, mostly I am excited just to stroll the beautiful grounds!

e7As for staying on track during Easter lunch, I am feeling determined and confident. I just sometimes have to remind myself that holidays revolve around family and fun….not food. I am trying to shift my focus not just for a day, but for life. 


And on that note, I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun holiday (Carrie hopes so too)!!

e2Happy Easter!!!