The Good, The Bad, and The Hungry

Truth be told today was a MUCH better day back “on plan”. Yesterday was rough. Even with ample points I felt hungry and irritable. Part of that is due to having to budget points for 2 meals dining out. It left little wiggle room for snacks and such. The other issue was simply that of settling back in and actively trying to combat those old fears and negative vibes that try to worm their way in. But, I stayed on track and woke up in a much better place!

do somethingToday was all about budgeting my points wisely. Eating all meals at home allowed me to get in a variety of foods without sacrificing my points balance. I started my day with 1 cup of coffee (organic cream and raw cane sugar) along with a sprouted grain English muffin and peanut butter/organic jam with a side of melon (not pictured).

IMG_2526 (300x400)After breakfast I had a salon visit. Yep I was getting my hair done before work. My salon offers SUPER early appointments a couple of days a week for those of us who work traditional 9-5 work days. Around 7:00am I was looking a little something like this….

veggie4 (300x400)I left the salon in plenty of time for work rocking a new “honey” hair color for summer. It’s a bit difficult to see here but I LOVE it!

veggie8 (300x400) veggie9 (300x400)First snack of the day was veggies and 6 cubes of cheese. Raw veggies aren’t my thing (they just aren’t) BUT I am trying to get there.

veggies (300x400) veggies2 (400x300)Insert a busy morning of work and that brings us to lunch. Yesterday’s lunch was an epic fail (high points and low satisfaction) so I made sure to have a high protein lunch of a pretty substantial size. It was my largest meal of the day as I am trying to keep my evening meals lighter.

I started with 1 split high fiber English muffin topped with 1 slice lean Canadian bacon on each side.

veggie5 (300x400)Next, I fried 2 organic cage free eggs in a dash of organic butter.

veggie6 (400x300)Runny egg perfection (with a small side of unsweetened applesauce).

veggie7 (300x400)After an afternoon of meetings I came home to find a couple of nice surprises. The first, some awesome new workout gear courtesy of the great folks at Land’s End. I (of course) tried them on immediately and cant wait to review all of these great pieces for the blog!

veggie3 (400x300)I also had a package from Bauble Bar which I just LOVE. To be honest, I didn’t remember ordering this necklace so it was like a nice little surprise. And even better? Since it was a bit late arriving Bauble Bar sent me a $10.00 credit for a future purchase. Give it up for awesome customer service!!!!

veggie13 (400x300) veggie12 (400x300)After some quality time with the corgi pup it was time for dinner….

veggie10 (400x400)I made certain to bump up tonight’s chicken with lots of broccoli. Extra veggies really helped to bulk up the pasta sauce. It’s not only filling but helps to stretch the dish.

veggie15 (300x400) veggie14 (300x400)Healthy chicken alfredo for the win!!

veggie11 (300x400)I need to work in more fruits and veggies but certainly feel like I am on the way to a more well rounded diet. It feels good to be eating clean again and back on the right track!

How was your Thursday??


  1. Meg B says:

    Looks like a day’s worth of awesome meals!
    I know how you feel about raw veggies. I love veggies, but really only like cucumbers, peppers and carrots raw. I need to eat the rest cooked.
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